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Make Sense

Will Instagram Threads survive? | Immortality, Notox Tweakments, IoT & Bots at Home w/ Celi Arias

By September 6, 2023No Comments

In this episode of Make Sense, I sit down with Celi Arias. Celi coaches founders to grow their businesses into solid a foundation of strong operations, clear strategy, and mindset. We talk about Instagram’s Threads app, 2023 tech predictions, and early entrepreneurial failures.

Show Notes

00:00 – Make sense of Meta’s Threads

00:25 – Meet Celi and Lindsay

02:10 – Celi xrays Lindsay… what does she see beyond surface skin?

07:15 – Celi’s take on Threads

27:36 – Is the school to work path turning on its head?

30:39 – Shorter workweeks… the norm?

36:02 – Mushroom and seaweed as clothing

37:48 – Using the sea for energy

40:00 – Commercialization of the moon

45:29 – Immortality as a service

52:00 – Celi’s number 1 mistake as an entrepreneur


Make Sense is a weekly series dedicated to talking about startup stories from the past, hysterical or mind-numbing blunders, how to do better. We also discuss how tech impacts us and how we can raise the bar when it comes to the ethics, morals, and standards in the tech industry.

Celi Arias helps frustrated entrepreneurs find the shortcut to building their dream business (and life) so they can stop wasting time and start increasing their revenue. From founder to marketing to corporate sales to operations, she has sat in every possible seat within a business. After earning an MBA she served as a startup COO and has partnered with powerhouses like Lululemon, Reebok, 2X, Alex+Ani, Happy Not Perfect, Trap Yoga Bae, Systems Saved Me and more. Celia knows numbers, systems, leadership and operations. She’s passionate about helping founders find their unique strategy to revenue growth and fulfillment.

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