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When Can You Start Saying You’re an Entrepreneur with a Startup

By July 22, 2021December 9th, 2022No Comments

When can you start talking to people about your new business? At what point are you considered a founder?


Some may tell you to wait until you have a business name, or have filed for incorporation, or have sold a product, or have raised money. Phooey.


This question comes up a lot for early stage founders, particularly when they’re contemplating reaching out to potential strategic partners & customers. “Will they take me seriously without a website?”


Let me tell you, it’s really valuable to just start no matter how sophisticated your “business” is. You can talk to potential strategic partners & customers right out of the gate.


Many times, you might worry that these people will think you are just trying to sell them when, really, you want to learn & do research. The fact that you DON’T have a website and a name yet actually works in your favor.


Instead, you’re their friend, their confidant, trying eagerly to solve their very unique problem.


This is a valuable place to be in.

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