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How To Do User Acquisition For A Two-Sided Marketplace

By December 30, 2021April 2nd, 2022No Comments

Connecting with new users is hard enough.


Getting users for both sides of your two-sided marketplace?


Even harder.


User acquisition for two-sided marketplaces is notoriously complex.


It’s the classic supply and demand scenario.


Do you have enough of both?


Think of a see-saw or a set of scales. It’s a balancing act.


When you’re first starting out with your two-sided marketplace, it can be tempting to want to develop software for both sides, right off the bat.


Instead, here’s a pro-tip: BOOTSTRAP WHAT YOU CAN!


Whether that’s piecing things together on one side… or BOTH!… your users don’t NEED a totally automated experience.


Instead, remind yourself that they just need their problem solved better than they can do for themselves.


It’s as simple as that.

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