A Better, More Relevant Way to Work Through Product-Market Fit

How To Win Over Customers & Build the Right Product!

  • Uncover the three myths that hold back every startup and product team
  • Learn authentic and immediately applicable tips for connecting with customers
  • Leverage customer research so when you launch your product, customers are ready to pay on day one
  • Discover why over 90% of startups and new businesses fail, and how to beat the odds

Hi! I’m excited to share with you my Startup Blueprint and Product-Market Fit Benchmarks. Don’t miss what thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve experienced this workshop have learned: a better, more relevant way to align your product with what customers actually want and will pay for.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to reduce the cost of common and expensive startup mistakes, so you can successfully deliver to the people you want to serve most.


About Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®

Who am I to give startup advice? Let’s start with this: I began designing and developing software in 2002 while studying engineering at the University of Virginia and continued my technology education, receiving my Masters from UC- Berkeley’s School of Information. My education was is in human-computer interaction, my career experience is in user experience design and digital product development, and my persistent passion is to design technology for people.

Under Lady Engineer®, I help founders avoid costly mistakes when working with software developers while connecting with customers, validating their startup.

For the 15+ years I’ve been in this industry, I have seen eager founders spend $5K – $150K+ on software development without having a business. They learn the hard way that “if I build it, they won’t come.”

That’s where I come in; I help founders design and sell the right product before spending too much with developers building the wrong one. 

Let’s get started! I’m committed to delivering practical, credible, and honest guidance. For you, I want to unlock & unblock your innovative potential.

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