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[Thrive Global] Why Do I Feel Lost When I Need to Move Forward?

By August 22, 2019December 9th, 2022No Comments

As entrepreneurs, we have no existing trail up a mountain to follow. When we feel lost it’s because there are large boulders & trees – our own belief systems – that stand in our way.

“I’ll be continuing to work from home to keep you all safe,” I told my team. They laughed because we live in completely different states, thousands of miles apart.

“I’ll also sanitize my hands each time I sit down at the computer just in case this virus can travel via the internets.” 

I couldn’t help myself. I thought it was funny. After all, my Pop-pop always said that he knew I’d survive [insert whatever tough situation] because I was still laughing.

But I can imagine there’s some of you out there that aren’t laughing. Actually, your anxiety increases as you think, “Can that actually happen?”

When it comes to ANXIETY, I’ve always been told to externalize your irrational fears so that others can tell you they’re not real. But during this outbreak, everyone is externalizing irrational fears.

We’re ramping up our collective anxiety instead of calming it down.

It’s not easy to keep yourself steady when everything around us is changing so rapidly. I, too, can resent the word “perseverance” from time to time. It means sourcing energy to fight some evil.


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