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In the Job Market, Power Dynamics Favor Companies with Josh Goldstein

By March 6, 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments

Understanding the current job market for tech talent benefits companies of all sizes and the public sector. Also, we talk AI copyright cases in the pipeline.

Hey, I’m Lindsay, the host of Make Sense w/ Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®, a weekly podcast where my guests and I simplify complex topics at the intersection of people & technology. We analyze whatever hot mess is in the news, evaluate trending innovations through a human-first lens, and take deep dives on a need-to-know basis.

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“My software developer is holding my code hostage.”

“I need an outside expert to tell me if my dev shop is building with security and scalability in mind.”

“Is what my ex-CTO built even worth negotiating over?”

Finding, hiring and trusting the right talent is a significant challenge, especially if you do not have a technical background and you’re hiring software developers.

Whether you’re a startup founder or on the business side of big tech projects, you need to understand the landscape can be a minefield.

There are many imposters, varying levels of quality, and few certifications to use as litmus.

As I’ve watched over the past two decades of my career, It’s incredibly easy to get hoodwinked.

I don’t want that for you.

In this week’s episode of Make Sense, I sit down with @ Josh Goldstein, founder of and Delightful Jobs to chat:

➡️ Why the economy seems to be doing well but big tech is still doing layoffs

➡️ Forcing your people back into the office will severely limit your talent pool

➡️ The BIG opportunity for non-tech companies and public sector organizations to hire top talent

Choice Quote

You can always be surveying the landscape. That way you can have a better understanding of [the talent] out there. You can be flagging certain people or certain profiles for later. You can start conversations early. It’s better to be doing that work proactively.

– Josh Goldstein, Founder of and Delightful Jobs

The image has a picture of Lindsay and a picture of Josh. It says Make Sense with Lindsay T Lady Engineer with the title Cracking the Tech Talent Code Retention AI Copyright Battles and the Job Market Rollercoaster

Buck the media hype cycle. Calm the fear-mongering. Laugh at the inanity of Tech CEO “hero culture.” Be the smartest person in your peer’s LinkedIn feed:

Key Takeaways with Josh Goldstein

Here are Josh’s takes on the predictions I pitched him in the segment Crystal Ball: What does the future hold?

  1. In the Tech/IT Sector, there will be an increased focus on retention: No
  2. At least one major copyright case plays out over AI, and that will completely change the future of the technology: Yes
  3. AI becomes a scapegoat in several major elections: Yes
  4. The fear of AI taking everyone’s jobs will continue to grow: Yes.

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Show Notes


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:19 Crystal Ball: Predictions for the Future
  • 16:15 The Tech Job Market and Layoffs
  • 25:44 Challenges in Hiring Tech Talent
  • 34:33 Tips for Searching, Hiring, and Onboarding Technical Roles
  • 45:28 Surveying the Landscape in a Remote Work World
  • 51:45 Where to Find Charlie

Where to find Joshua Goldstein

Joshua Goldstein is the Co-founder of and DelightfulJobs. Underdog is a talent platform focused on connecting awesome people with growing companies and Delightful is a modern job board where established companies gain access to highly-skilled startup talent.


Where to find Lindsay Tabas


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