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Make Sense is a video-first podcast that simplifies complex issues at the intersection of tech & people. Whether you’re ready for the robot takeover or want to delete all your socials, I’m here to help you make sense of what’s going on so we can design the human experience into the future.
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Make Sense.

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Ever wonder why there seems to be plenty of technology that solves small, personal problems, yet the bloated software you use at work sucks?

The last two decades have brought remarkable innovation that changed our daily lives! Yet, when it comes to economic indicators for productivity, we’re stuck in a rut. People, tethered to their work through email and chat, are caffeine-fueling their run on what seems like a never-ending hamster wheel.

As a result, we’ve had productive conversations about mental health, self-worth, vulnerability, and failure. Though, at what cost?



Your doctor spends more time at the computer than looking at you. #BadTechnology



The Google Search results made up of all non-reputable sources. #BadTechnology



When you order a product online but they won't let you pick up one available in the store nearby. #BadTechnology



When you call Customer Support, they can't give you the same promotion the rep in the store offered you. #BadTechnology

I am un-amused.

Thanks to the echo chamber of Tech CEO hero worship,

…we’re reinforcing beliefs and habits that drive the 90% startup failure rate. Indeed, ninety percent of USAID projects fail and over 55% of Enterprise IT projects fail, as well.

Are we humans just really bad at solving problems?

It’s time to shake things up, break the mold, ask challenging questions, and design the human experience of the future.


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  • How soon will you see AI in your doctor’s examination room?
  • In which situations do NFTs make the most sense?
  • Who needs a safety net? A personal story of failure

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About Lindsay Tabas

Hey, I’m Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®. Despite my perceived frustrations listed above, I still believe in the possibility of technology to make our lives better.

Here’s some of my accomplishments:

  • Founder of
  • Host of the Make Sense Podcast w/ Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®
  • Pragmatic Futurist & Human-First Technologist
  • Innovation Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur & Thought Leader

After earning engineering & technology degrees from the University of Virginia (’05) & UC-Berkeley’s School of Information (’07), I spent my first 10 years in Silicon Valley & NYC wearing every hat between what customers say and what engineers build. In the second ten years, I launched Tabas Consulting Group in 2014 & Labs*: The Preseed Startup Blueprint in 2017 to continue coaching & consulting high-growth teams to design & sell the right products before spending (any more) money building the wrong ones.

While founders have been my primary focus, I also evaluate startups on behalf of VC funds including Ben Franklin Technology Partners (Phila.), Techstars, and Chloe Capital. I am an EIR & Mentor with Techstars, and an EIR with Columbia University Ventures.

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