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Technology is only 1-piece of the Circular Economy puzzle with Cassandra Kane

By February 15, 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments

Reducing the fashion industry’s waste problem will take a while so maybe try wearing your clothes until they’re threadbare.

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A little tidbit of information for the curious: Luxury leather bag brands want to make a single item using 1 large piece of leather.

If that large piece of leather has a little nick in it, then they throw the whole piece out. Wow!

In comes Cassandra Kane, founder of Sieme, upcycled luxury accessory company and co-founder of Zerolab in Florence, the first leather upcycling center and sustainable design hub in Italy.

In this week’s episode of Make Sense, I sit down with @ Cassandra Kane to chat:

  • How can technology help fashion’s circular economy?
  • The material sourcing challenge in the supply chain
  • Whether the industry can collaborate to reduce their contribution to global warming
A picture of Lindsay Tabas and a picture of Cassandra Kane with the episode title How technology can help the circular economy in the fashion industry

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Key Takeaways with Cassandra Kane

Here are Cassandra’s takes on the predictions I pitched her in the segment Crystal Ball: What does the future hold?

  1. AR and VR Make E-commerce Immersive: Yes
  2. Hyper-Personalization (of consumer goods) Becomes the Norm: No
  3. Sustainability, a growing factor in customers’ decision-making process, will push brands to meet green-minded consumers’ demands: Yes
  4. Reporting on material sustainability issues in the value chain will be highly challenging: Yes

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
2:10 Crystal Ball: All About Augmented Reality
03:54 Crystal Ball: Hyper-Personalization in Fashion
7:22 Crystal Ball: Material Sustainability Reporting Challenges
19:21 Sustainability and Circular Economy
32:02 Technology and the Circular Economy
45:58 Challenges with RFID and Consumer Education
47:03 Recyclable Materials
52:50 The need for technology to serve stakeholders
57:00 The Challenge of Collaboration in the Fashion Industry

About Cassandra Kane & Where to Find Her

Cassandra is an outerwear and accessories designer with over 10 years of experience in the design, sourcing, and development of outerwear, luxury bags, and accessories. She has extensive experience with international product development and production oversight, working with independent designers, brands, retailers, and private labels worldwide.

Cassandra is the the founder and designer of Sieme, an ethical luxury accessories brand that crafts beautiful handwoven accessories from rescued luxury leather, handcrafted in Tuscany. She’s also the co-founder and chief impact officer of Zerolab, the first leather upcycling center and sustainable design hub in Italy.

Cassandra is passionate about designing circular solutions that eliminate material waste and build the circular fashion industry of the future. She is based in both NYC and Florence, and a certified member of the Female Founder Collective.

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