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I believe we need technology that truly supports people so that we can all design ourselves into the future.

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Lindsay Tabas trademarked the Lady Engineer™ last year to thumb her nose at the realization that, in 2018, someone like herself in tech is still an anomaly. Afterall, she started designing and developing software in 2002 while studying engineering. She took the next logical step and came to the Bay Area in 2005 with a twinkle in her eye.

Thru her 15 year career, Lindsay has worked with over 100 startups & investors, as well as teams across Fortune 500 firms. She speaks two languages: the subjective ways of people and the objective thinking of engineers. Her education is in human-computer interaction, her profession is digital product development, and her persistent passion will always be to design technology for people.

As a speaker & workshop leader, Lindsay creatively paints pictures and tells original stories that show how we all can make choices to use machines, instead of machines using us. Using humor, her industry experience, and communication acumen, Lindsay makes her content accessible to millennials and baby boomers alike.

Popular Talks & Workshops

  • More Productivity, Less Depression: How can we use machines instead of letting them use us?
  • Start Before the Product’s “Ready”: The Unavoidable Market Part of Product-Market Fit
  • Don’t Get Outcompeted: Identifying Your Key Product Differentiators to Win Customers Over
  • Product Roadmap Primer: How to say that feature isn’t important so you can spend your development resources wisely
  • Funding & Favors: The Definitive Guide to Finding Your First Investor

“This is a huge shout out to Lindsay Tabas! Her webinar on marketing 101 from the lady engineer was ever so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with us! Your voice as a woman engineer is exactly what we need!”

– Dominique Mas, Brain-Based Coach at Lead with a Twist

Lindsay Tabas Lady Engineer


2020-February Product Management Essentials, Denver Founders Meetup (Denver)

2019-November Product-Market Fit, HopperX (New York City)

2019-November Product-Market Fit, Product Tank Meetup (Philadelphia)

2019-October Innovative Ideas & Opportunities, VentureCafe & Philly Innovation Week (Philadelphia)

2019-July Product-Market Fit, Female Founders & Funders @ Comcast LIFT Labs (Philadelphia)

2019-June Product-Market Fit, Temple University’s Startup Studio (Philadelphia)

2019-May Customers Discovery & Validation Workshop, The Entrepreneur’s Network (Rochester)

2019-April Workshop Leader, Product-Market Fit VentureCafe (Philadelphia)

2019-February M.C., Career Summit by SharpHeels (Philadelphia)

2019-February Workshop Leader, “Product-Market Fit Jumped the Shark…and Other “Silicon Valley” Proverbs We Need to Start-Stop Continue.” Chloe Capital’s Investor Forum (Denver)

2018-May Speaker, “Don’t Wait Until the Product’s ‘Ready’: The Unavoidable Market Part of Product-Market Fit.” Dev Talks Conference Philly Tech Week

2018-May Panelist, “Female Founders Panel.” Philly Tech Week

2018-Feb: Workshop, “Tune-Up & Tune-In: How to assemble a feedback loop that powers your user acquisition & retention strategies.” Village Capital Pathways in Partnership with Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners

2017-Nov: Presenter, “Jump the Chasm: How to go from what the customer needs and what your digital product does.” University of the Arts

2017-Feb: Guest Lecturer, “Design Thinking: Needs Analysis” at University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

That was such a great presentation last night and a great way for us to start our path of guest lectures. Lots of ideas generated, and look forward to future conversations.

Caitlin PerkinsDirector of Continuing Studies, University of the Arts

So glad you’re speaking up about this in the tech world! Way to use that unicorn power for good! Keep going!

Julie FoghVoice and Communication Specialist, Vital Voice Training

Lindsay – Thank you! The founders really appreciated your gift and I did, too. Much appreciate your perspective and engagement.

Margaret BradleyDirector of Investment Partnerships, Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners

After I was lucky enough to experience your AWESOME talk during the Dev Conference, I'm inviting you to submit an event for PTW19 as early as December. Your Lady Engineer content is something our calendar would definitely benefit from.

Alexandria LeggettTechnically Media & Philly Tech Week Organizer

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CV Highlights


2007 University of California at Berkeley
Masters in Information Management & Systems, School of Information
Management of Technology Certificate from Haas School of Business

2005 University of Virginia
B.S. with Distinction, Systems & Information Engineering
Management Systems Application

Activities & Awards

Currently: Volunteer Entrepreneur Strategist with Temple University’s Fox School of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute

2018 Jan – May: Fellow, Tribe12 in Partnership with UpStart Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs (link)

2016 Nov: Panelist & Pitch Judge at Drexel University’s Drexel Startup Day

2016 Jun: Mentor at Startup Weekend Education NYC

2015 Jun: Product Mentor at ProtoHack

2011-2014: Guest Lecturer, “Fundamentals in Design, Layout & UX” for StartupInstitute & SkillShare

2012: Panelist, “User Research for Agile Teams.” NYC Agile Experience Design Meetup

2008: 1 of 5 Finalists, Women 2.0 Business Plan Competition

2007: Presenter, “Designing for Service Systems.” Frontiers in Service Conference (link)


Bridging the Front Stage and Back Stage in Service System Design
Glushko, B. & L. Tabas
HICSS ’08 Proceedings International Conference on System Sciences (link)

Designing for Service Systems
Tabas, L.
School of Information Paper 2007-008

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