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Should you join an accelerator? Top factors I think you should consider

By January 19, 2021December 9th, 2022No Comments

You’re looking at several options for accelerators and incubators, some are paid and some invest in you, and you’re not sure which program is worth your time and investment. Are you doing a tour of Facebook and Slack groups looking for anyone with experience? And, which one is good for you, your product status, and how much revenue you’re currently earning?

Below, I’ve organized three of my YouTube videos where I discuss accelerators and your options.

Thinking About a Startup Accelerator? Know these things FIRST!

5 Key Insights that Every Startup Founder Should Know…

…before diving into an accelerator program.

Important Note on Accelerators

In most startup accelerators and new business programs, you’ll learn the fundamentals of being a business owner like a business plan, financials, and legal framework. Those are all defensive tactics when you’re starting out.

Playing offense means putting yourself out there, talking to real customers, and experimenting with products and offers that will actually make your audience open their wallets.

Unlike other programs out there, in my program for preseed startups called Labs*, you’ll have a real framework for handling future product concerns, and the tools to continually quantify and test your ideas with actual people. These are the skills you need to scale for the long-term.

Should you join an accelerator that offers to help find you a cofounder?