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Earn 1:1 time with Lindsay by referring friends

What You are Referring

As part of the Lady Engineer® Referral Program, for every new client that signs-up you get 1-hour free with Lindsay to use when you wish.

Bonus: Your friend will get 5% off when they tell us you sent them. You’ve got worlds to rock.



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  • Share your personal experience working with Lindsay, her workbooks, and the Inner Circle
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  • Continue to get exclusive content, access to the monthly Mastermind and membership to the Inner Circle



Receive 1-hour with Lindsay for every new client that signs up.

Earn your rewards:

  • After your referral signs up as a new client, you earn an hour free with Lindsay
  • You can use your time earned with Lindsay as you wish: user experience reviews, 1:1 session, marketing and/or product brainstorms, pitch deck evaluations, etc

The Fine Print

You can make an unlimited number of referrals. By all means, don’t let us hold you back
Just make sure your referral says YOU sent them.
This is a 2-sided program. Your referral gets 5% off when they mention you!

What You are Referring

When you share this link with your friends and peers, they’ll be prompted to find a time on Lindsay’s calendar so they can talk. They’ll have a 45 minute call where Lindsay will ask a lot of questions so your friend can share all of the details of their unique situation. Think of it as a “diagnosis” call. If Lindsay thinks she can help, and they’re interested, she’ll tell them more about her signature program.

Lindsay Tabas is the Lady Engineer

Design & sell the right product before spending too much building the wrong one.

Open doors with investors while implementing revenue generating tactics so you can successfully fund your next round and get customers


Get Investors

  1. Fundraising Strategy & Assumptions
  2. Storytelling & Market Sizing
  3. Revenue Streams & Pitch Deck
  4. Key Metrics, Pricing & Position
  5. Financial Plans & Projections
  6. Use of Funds & Timeline

Get Customers

  1. Product, Research & Target Customers
  2. Customer Psychology & Value Propositions
  3. Distribution, Sales & Branding
  4. Marketing, Feedback & Design
  5. Voice of Customer & Marketing Funnel
  6. Copy, Content & Growth

Sharing Prompt

Short Message – Social

Hi [name], I think it would be useful for you to talk to Lindsay T. I worked with her on [upside: e.g., challenge you overcame / problem you solved / milestone you achieved] She has 15 years of experience in tech and helps founders raise money & get customers, at the same time.

You can sign up here for a free 45-minute call with her:

Share via Email

Hi [your friend’s name],

I have a really great person for you to talk to about [current goal or roadblock: e.g. market research, raising money, product development]. Her name is Lindsay Tabas and I worked with her on [upside: e.g., challenge you overcame / problem you solved / milestone you achieved]

I know you’re busy, but thought it could be a useful connection because I know first hand it can be challenging to [challenge: e.g., build a startup as a solopreneur, move faster when it’s not clear how to start, find a proven system for this stuff].

Lindsay has 15 years of experience in tech and helps founders raise money & get customers, at the same time. You’ll be in good hands.

She has her calendar available for free 45-minute calls with her:

Please reach out to her and let me know how it goes!

[Your Name]

PS: When her calendar asks for how you found out about her, make sure to put my name.

Direct Email Intro

Hi [your friend’s name],

I wanted to introduce you to Lindsay Tabas to talk about your [context: e.g., startup, app idea, fundraising process]. I’ve copied her on this email so you can connect directly.

Lindsay, [your friend’s name] is [most flattering one-line description of your contact you can think of while still being truthful]. She has specific questions about [reason for e-mail intro] before she sets up a time to talk with you.

[Your Name]