Lady Engineer™ Startup Scorecard


As a startup founder, it can be really easy to get caught up bowling 8 lanes at the same time. You want to raise money, connect with customers, update your product and build a support network to help you. Email can be overwhelming, to-do list items continually get pushed to the following day and any modicum of self-care has been reduced to “must walk more.”

After going through this checklist are you thinking, “Where should I even start?” If yes, then the next thing to do is download my scorecard. It is a self-evaluation that measures you along 8 important pillars of developing a tech startup.

My goal is to simplify this messy journey and help you build a rock solid plan going forward. That’s why I’m giving you this code for 50% off the scorecard. Use “ChecklistToScorecard” to get the scorecard for half of it’s normal sales value.

This Startup Scorecard helps gauge your position as a startup founder in marketing and product development.

Let’s be honest: you cannot bootstrap forever. You either need to (1) get revenue or (2) secure funding. Most of us want both.

We often convince ourselves that only with external funding will we be able to push forward, meet more potential clients, hear their pain and build something to solve their challenges.

I’m here to tell you, “That is not the case!”

At any given time, there are so many other things you could be doing to get to revenue without relying on funding.  And, many of these things don’t depend on other people like investors, software developers, and outside consultants.

What should you specifically be working on? That’s a great question. The answers are inside this Startup Scorecard.

“Everything you have in there is helpful even to just reflect, so thank you!” – Andrew Forman

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