Productivity, Performance & Planning


The best productivity apps are only great if you are great at making sure you use them. Do you have a plan for:

  • …what time of day you get the most work done?
  • …how to control your inbox?
  • …when you should meet for coffee versus when you should insist on a phone call?

As an entrepreneur wrapping up my fifth year self-employed, I’ve built productivity systems that make sure I’m optimizing me. In this workbook, I lay out the foundational elements of any productivity system.

Start with this implementation guide then go search for any other apps or books you need. You’ll only get the most out of them if you know how to get the most out of yourself.


The productivity hacks that work for Elon Musk aren’t necessarily the techniques that are going to work for you.

Maybe you tried a bunch of approaches. You stuck with some but then eventually lost track. But now you’re serious about reaching those next milestones, objectives, and goals.

You need a productivity system for yourself. Luckily, I have laid out “How to Plan a High-Performance Week” so you can get yourself going.

With this guide, you can start to scale your business by creating processes that work for you. You have untapped talents and secret advantages that productivity systems and the right plans can help you discover.

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