Product Strategy & Roadmap


You know what’s difficult? Finding a realistic approach and solution to:

  • Improving your app’s user experience
  • Making your product stronger
  • Expanding your platform

In this 30+ workbook, I piece the process together from gathering all of your feedback and feature ideas to creating a manageable sprint-over-sprint product roadmap.

My goal is to make product strategy super easy so you can build a solution that has real potential to scale.


Is everyone telling you that you need a technical co-founder? Or do you feel stuck without funding?

Tech skills are essential to building your product roadmap and startup strategy, but there are tech skills that don’t require you to understand code. What almost no one gets is that there are HUGE strides you can make without learning to code or giving away a piece of your company. It’s not the coding syntax that builds a company, there are practical skills that every founder should have to build a real business around their digital product.

Who are these people giving you this advice anyway? You don’t need pie-in-the-sky solutions, you need real product roadmap templates to follow from someone that is involved day-to-day in product strategy. Let me help keep you from wasting any more of your resources on code you cannot use.

If you are constantly overwhelmed by all of the ideas and opinions swarming around you, this Product Roadmap & Strategy workbook will help you to be single-minded in focus.

Expect to find tips, tricks, and strategies for grooming your product backlog, effective & efficient product management, and mapping your features to sprints inline with agile software development.


  • Strong foundation for product strategy & product design
  • Decision diagram for new features and ideas
  • Visual communication method for collaborating with software developers
  • Product launch & release strategy
  • Tools for grooming your product backlog
  • Scoring matrix for prioritizing your product roadmap

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