Early Stage Marketing Strategy & Growth Plan


Sometimes it takes an engineering-educated mind to crack the code behind marketing an app. Why? Marketing doesn’t come naturally to engineers like me so we have to work for it that much harder.

In just under 30 pages, this eBook is packed with insights & tips that will make sure you can consistently deliver innovative products to your customers. My goal is to leave you confident about going forth with the next steps in your product strategy and startup launch.

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Marketing an app is something we might save for “later.” After we built our product, after we’ve done a beta trial, or after we’ve gotten some pre-seed or seed funding. Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea.

For my software developer friends, I know you want to prove you are more than just a code monkey. You have so much more to add to this world! And for my non-technical founders, you know it doesn’t take a technical person to understand how technology can solve a problem.

In this free eBook, I break down the key to being a great innovator. Creating the product is technologically complex, but we often overlook the same intricacies in assessing the market need. You should all build a business your customers will love while also making a difference.

The internet wants to tell you which digital marketing tactic to use or sell you their marketing plan. Instagram this, Pinterest that. But it takes a special type of innovator to grasp the real strategy and mindset behind finding product-market fit.

These pages will help get you out of your own way so you can focus on your customer, drive revenue and develop a marketing strategy that works for you.


  • A path different than what everyone else does
  • A process for innovation
  • The value of customer feedback
  • 4 case studies
  • A ton of examples
  • Suggestions for next steps in market research & marketing tactics

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