Lady Engineer™ Business Startup Checklist


There are so many business startup checklists online, why would you pay for mine?

Well, a lot of the information out there is basic, too generic and extremely confusing. They cover one piece of a business like just marketing or just the website, or they tell you something vague like “figure out your marketing” and “build a website.” We don’t need any more of the b***s**t.

It’s okay if the information overload has kept you from seeing progress. I do not blame you at all (and you should not either).

The difference with me is that I have a systems engineering degree and speak two languages: 1) people, and 2) technology. With my deep experience in product, marketing, UI/UX, strategy, and operations, I made this startup checklist to keep you on track.

In my business startup checklist, I show you how to stay on track, on point, and on task. And, secret right now, it doesn’t require code.

You do not need some wild amount of creativity or mad technical skills to successfully scale your startup. What you need to be able to see is how to double your outcomes from every effort. This is where my business startup checklist helps.

As an engineer and information architect, I like organizing information and being extremely thorough. You, as a founder, cannot afford to waste any time and money. I’ve organized my startup checklist in 7 main areas: Fundraising, Market & Customer Research, Go-to-Market Strategy, Growth Hacking, New User Onboarding, Prototype & Product, and User Experience.


  • Identify opportunities where one task, like key metrics, can serve multiple purposes
  • See the common thread amongst all of your activities
  • Organized list of actionable things for you to get started on now
  • Capture results and outcomes to help you succeed in marketing, product development, and fundraising

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