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Want a clear path from idea to product?

It’s time for you to confidently own and lead product development with a solid framework that works iteration over iteration. Solving the world’s greatest problems requires our collective resilience, and I want to make sure your work gets into the world.

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Labs*: Product-Market Fit for Pre-seed Startups

Get the confidence you need to make your app idea a startup reality

Do you want to...

  • Confidently navigate the startup landscape?
  • Execute user interviews & well-constructed surveys?
  • Improve an existing prototype or create a new one?
  • Develop a product roadmap?
  • Move out of analysis paralysis and make your app idea a startup reality?

Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. You know you have a great idea, but you’re feeling stuck.

Now is your time.

Cache Merrill Founder of OnCourse CRM

“Lindsay was just amazing to work with. I have worked with amazing product people from all over, and even some of the best in the Bay Area, and Lindsay is someone I would turn to first. She is great about thinking through the user’s perspective, gathering feedback from users, and coming up with product solutions.”

– Cache Merrill, Founder OnCourse CRM, Zibtek, Serial CTO & Entrepreneur

Labs logo is a beaker drawn with red liquid inside

Here's what happens when you are part of Labs*: Product-Market Fit for Pre-Seed Startups

Alison Mountford launched the first version of Ends + Stems on-time and under budget while in Labs*. She wrote:

“The biggest concrete thing that I have learned is how to talk about wireframes and how I want my site to actually function. The conversation with my developer was so easy and seamless, it only took two rounds of edits. Lindsay’s program walked us through exactly how to do this.”

Alison MountfordFounder,

Rose Herr collected 300+ responses to her customer research survey, validating new features, and picking up 246 email addresses to add to her launch list. She said:

“I had an idea I'm passionate about but didn't know how to move things forward. The course helped me focus, and provided me with clear steps. Being able to say that I was taking concrete steps to work on my idea gave me more confidence in telling people about it.”

Rose HerrFounder of NailedIt

Christina Weber was able to test her fundamental assumptions behind Deepen using existing technology tools, all helping her bring in revenue first. She said:

“Within [the first two weeks] my entire business pivoted, and I have come to a new solution. It took me three years to get there with my business and I wish I had taken this course beforehand.””

Christina WeberFounder,
Jessica SEepersad

“The way Lindsay explains things and her vision also really resonates with me. It’s an approach that I’m a lot more comfortable with than the “build it and they may come” or ” just pitch something/raise money” approach.”

– Jessica Seepersad, Founder, Klouf

Clients Include

Labs logo is a beaker drawn with red liquid inside

How Labs* Helped Them...

“Labs* gave me extremely thorough tools to qualify and test my ideas. Before, I was uncertain about so many aspects of my new business. However, the unprecedented level of concrete detail in Lindsay's program obliterated all uncertainty and revealed a clear path forward.”

Lisa CooleyFounder, Art Advisor & Founder of Oko

“Working with Lindsay has provided me with the guidance and advice I was missing to really move my start-up forward. She quickly grasped the issues, pointed out the pitfalls, and helped show me how to use my audience to turn ideas into products. She lives by her philosophy of truly helping entrepreneurs find product market fit.”

Debbie SchwartzFounder of Road2College

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