A Better, More Accurate Way to Work Through Product-Market Fit

Most Product-Market Fit definitions only apply to Seed, Series A, and beyond. But what about you?

Over the past 3 years, I’ve developed and refined a more detailed innovation framework of smaller “fits” that help startups (much earlier in the development process) ensure they’re in alignment with their target market from the very beginning.   You need something to track against now!

In this Live Workshop, You Will

  • Uncover the three myths that hold back every startup and product team
  • Learn authentic and immediately applicable tips for achieving product-market fit
  • Analyze real case studies so you can better determine where to focus next
  • Discover why over 50% of IT projects and 90% of startups fail, and how to beat the odds

About Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®

Picture of Lindsay Tabas wearing glasses and looking out to her rightLindsay helps founders design & sell the right product before spending too much (more) time and money building the wrong one. She started designing and developing software in 2002 while studying engineering at the University of Virginia and continued her technology education, receiving her Masters from UC-Berkeley’s School of Information.

Over 15 years, she’s worked with 100+ startups & investors, as well as Fortune 500 teams. She is an advisor to both founders and angel investors and acts as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Columbia University’s Technology Ventures. Lindsay’s education is in human-computer interaction, her career experience is in user experience design and digital product development, and her persistent passion is to design technology for people.

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