How to Plan a High-Performance Week without a Drill Sargent


Lindsay Tabas is the Lady Engineer

Do you find these first few months or year journeying in the startup jungle have taken you down a lot of trails with dead-ends? Just feel generally disorganized each week?

Unlike a lot of the startup advice you’ll get out there, you’re getting the perspective of a woman…which is still unique (although I didn’t think it would be when I studied engineering 16 years ago!).

But, more significantly, you’re getting practical, step-by-step guides to getting things done. Where you might read some article that suggests you prioritize your to-do list, from me you’re getting an actual worksheet on how to do that!

See below for the table of contents & links to each resource.

Lindsay Tabas Changing a Tire
Let me do the heavy lifting for you!


Retrospective on You

1 hour

Our passion is usually the spark that sets us on our journey, but it often cannot sustain us the entire way. There’s a lot of ambiguity in life, so it falls on us to set our own goals.

It can be particularly difficult when you’ve set out to build your own business; you set the measures of success, and no one is there to hold you accountable.

Take 1 hour with Lindsay to learn how she applied the agile evaluation method the “Retrospective” to her personal and business development.

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Calendar Blocking Video

Watch Time: 5 minutes

Are you trying to follow Tim Ferriss without any luck? Have you tried this or that productivity hack and you can’t seem to make a significant improvement.

You should start with the basics – optimizing your day for your internal clock.

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Inbox Zero Only Works if You Make it a Practice

Read Time: 6 minutes

Don’t try to do this all in one day.

Keeping a tidy inbox needs to be a daily practice. You’ll exhaust yourself if you try to make it to zero in a single sitting.

Any new habit takes 21 days to acquire, so be patient with yourself as you figure out how to adapt this system to your unique information organization & retrieval style.

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Prioritizing for High-Performance Worksheet

Timing will vary

So we all really want to have efficient and productive days where we know what to work on and aren’t distracted by the noise, right? That’s really, really hard when you check your email first thing in the morning and keep just one big to-do list. How can you prioritize a scrolling list of 100+ things you’ve thought to do?

Here I share a productivity tool for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You don’t need to be. Use these prioritization techniques for whatever you’re working on today!

Link to Google Worksheet