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Start Before the Product’s “Ready”


Product-Market Fit cannot be a single inflection point. You cannot afford to pursue it after the product is built.


In the 25+ pages of my book, you’ll gain clarity and figure out how to align your business and customer so you create something amazing.

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Inside My Handy Dandy Book, You’ll Dive Into

25 pages of researched statistics and past experiences

Why the popular startup “blueprint” is flawed

How all the top reasons startups fail are connected to one single flaw

Why marketing before the product is “ready” is essential

Real-life client case studies

The initial marketing activities you should do next

There’s more…*cue infomercial voice*

I’m not just busting the myths around the popular startup blueprint and product-market fit, I’m highlighting the market research activities and marketing tactics that you need to implement, NOW!

Yep, that’s right, NOW. Before the product is “ready” – you heard me right.

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A x and y-axis graph of how startups go from really exciting at the beginning to toiling in dirt most of the time.
Super exciting at the very beginning.
Followed by being super depressed because it’s harder than you thought.
Iterating can cause a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt.
Maybe you’ll get her if you’re not broke yet.

What some of my readers are saying…

This is good, Lindsay. You're speaking right to me. The way you wrote this is very easy to digest and I like that you are speaking from experience.

Nicki L., Founder of

I took a look and it's awesome! I love that it's differentiated from many eBooks out there and has a personality. More importantly, I love that it tells you what actions to take next. I'm creating a Youtube series called Get Sh!t Done and our tagline is moving female entrepreneurs from inspiration to activation. So much content lacks action these days.

Alex B., Serial Entrepreneur

I'm about halfway through the book because every time I read a couple of paragraphs, I get these awesome brainstorm ideas and end up chasing a rabbit down a hole before I come back to it. It's really been perfect timing for what I'm building at RG.

Kristin G., Director of Engineering

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