Session 5

Rock Solid Planning:
Jump the Code-Speak Chasm to Prototype

  • Introduction
  • Marketing Funnel, Tactics & Social Media Platforms
    • Marketing Funnel Continued
    • Choosing Marketing Tactics
    • Selecting Social Media Platforms
  • Survey Distribution & Survey Analysis
    • Continued Survey Distribution
    • Immediate Survey Analysis
  • Product Management Concepts
    • Introductory Product Management Concepts
  • Immediate Offer
    • Needs & Task Analysis
    • Sprint Planning Basics
  • Business Planning
    • Market Types – New & Re-segmented
    • Business Model Types
    • Revenue Streams
  • Homework
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Two Week To-Do’s

Continue to Distribute Your Survey

  • Return to previous social and forum posts. Create a new comment to let people know you’re still looking for responses
  • Use the Similar Web Guide to identify which social channels you should be on
    • If you have not yet started posting on that channel, create a new post there to share your survey
    • Follow the Survey Guide’s exact instructions for sharing your survey on
  • Review Office Hours recap to improve your chances of keeping your posts in groups up versus having a moderator take them down

Processing Survey Results

  • Start reading the answers to open-ended questions and storing those answer verbatim in your Voice of Customer spreadsheet
  • If respondents have said they are okay with a follow-up, set up interviews, or user testing sessions
  • Consider anyone you have spoken to as a potential Customer Advisor or general Advisor (see Customer Advisory Guide)
  • Do not deduce any big insights until you’ve got 20-30 people that rated the goal & problem statements 5+

Marketing & Building Brand Awareness

  • Update or Create a Landing Page, see GOOD UI Template
  • Read the “Building Marketing Awareness” Guide
  • If you already have an email list and website, learn about Marketing Analytics tracking (Pages 2-6)
  • (All) Determine your marketing tactics (Pages 7 – 13)
  • As mentioned above, in addition to your marketing tactics, use Similar Web Guide to determine your primary social channels

Product Management & Developing Your First Offer

  • Read Intro to Product Management
  • Go through the Taco Crawl example in the guide to learn how to develop your MVP using Tasks & Needs Analysis
  • If you do not yet have a product, use the “Design Your Solution” template to think through your first offer
  • If you do have a product, work towards creating a content strategy by developing a content inspiration board (see Branding Guide)

If you have time…

  • Browse Lindsay’s collection of free opt-ins from other people to develop your own free & gated opt-in
  • Continue to synthesize all of your finding and learnings into content pieces
  • Fill out the Brand Positioning & Marketing Inputs template to be the single source of your marketing plan for the future
  • Fill out the Business Information for Executive Summary & Pitch Deck to also consolidate all that you have determined from the past 10 weeks

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“‘Begin with the end in mind’ is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There’s a
mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things.”

Steven Covey“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”