Session 4

Co-Design with Your Customers
Refining Your Solution Ideas

  • Introduction
  • Launching Your Survey
    • Give it Personality
    • User Test It
    • Marketing Funnel Basics
  • Design Basics
    • C.R.A.P
    • Landing Page Exercise
  • Immediate Offer
    • Goals & Needs
    • Iteration Planning
    • Marketing Awareness
  • Homework
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About this Session

Alright, session 4! We’re still in the process of Jumping the Chasm – the chasm between what customers say they want and what product we build.

Today, we’re continuing the concept of co-designing, bringing our customers into the fold, and validating our product ideas moving forward.

My goal for this week is that coming out of this session and going to early next week you’re ready to code your survey and put it out to the world – so we’re refining solution ideas and then talking about launching a survey – because it’s not just simply launching a survey, we have to maximize our learning

Two Week To-Do’s

Develop Your Survey

  • Fill out the Survey Template 1 (doc) if you have not yet
  • Move that information to the Survey Planning (sheet)
  • Write out the questions you want to ask
  • Use the examples as guidanc
  • Use the comments feature to ask Lindsay questions (

Code & Test Your Survey

  • Consult with to find the best survey tool for you
  • Put your questions into the survey tool
  • Test your survey with 2-3 people
  • Look at session slides for the testing script and email templates
  • Update the verbiage in your questions and answers based on the feedback

Branding & Landing Page

  • Use the Branding Guide to create an Inspiration Board
  • Share in the FB Group!
  • Use the Good UI Landing Page template to draft your own landing page

Challenge: Write Content – Topic Ideas

  • Emerging personas and customer segments
  • Answer 3 questions your customers are asking the most
  • Explain why existing solutions do not work

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“Early usability evaluation can be based on prototypes…that can be developed much faster and much more cheaply, and can be changed many times until a better understanding of the [experience] has been achieved”

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