Session 3

Pin Down Problem:
Iterate on Ideas, Features & Solutions

  • Introduction
  • Problem Exploration & Most Valuable Problem
    • How Will You Get There?
    • Your Customer’s Problem Statement
  • Branding Together
    • Brainstorming Goals, Needs, & Value Propositions
    • Brand Archetype
  • Solution Finding: First Prototype
    • Solution Brainstorming
    • Potential Solutions
  • Homework
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About this Session

For the first 2 sessions, you’ve had to really expand and gather more information and insights.

It felt overwhelming, and it felt messy. But you have really stuck with understand the problem.

To use the “reorganizing a closet” metaphor, we pulled everything out of the closet, created a huge mess, and now, over the next 2 sessions & 4 weeks, we’re putting everything back into the closet.

Session 3 is now about taking the leap to go from “here are all of the things we learned, now ordered into something nicer, neater, and more well packaged.” You’ve done a lot of Customer Discovery, now it’s time for Customer Validation, certifying all of what you’ve learned.

Two Week To-Do’s

Batch 1

Most Valuable Problem

  • Use:
    • Problem Exploring and Most Valuable Problem Guide
    • As-Is – Customer Journey Comic Strip
  • Come up with the final five thematic problems
  • Work on your clear problem statement
  • Experiment with pithy/catchy phrases
  • Update the Survey Template 1 (doc) with the problem statement(s) you want to put in front of customers to validate


  • Use the Branding guide
  • Identify your “Why” in the 9 Whys Exercise
  • Complete the Kaye Putnam Brandality quiz
  • Develop your Mission Statement
  • Experiment & Identify Value Propositions
  • Add/Update the Survey Template 1 (doc) with what you want to validate with more customers

Solution Finding

  • Use the Solution Brainstorming and Refining Guide
  • Complete the SWOT Analysis as a way to identify your Strengths & Opportunities
  • Continue to brainstorm potential solutions
  • Refine potential solutions and features to 5-8


  • Make sure to complete the Survey Template 1 (Google Doc)
    • ^ this is where you have stored many of your findings so far
    • These are the things we want to validate with a wider audience
  • Read the Survey Guide to learn about best practices and the strategy
  • Move questions and answers to Survey Planning Workbook (Google Worksheet)
  • We will be sharing Survey tools and options ahead of Session 4, and will be reviewing more on surveys in Session 4

Batch 2


  • Use the Branding Guide to create an Inspiration Board
  • Share in the FB Group!
  • Use the Good UI Landing Page template to draft your own landing page

Challenge: Write Content – Topic Ideas

  • Emerging personas and customer segments
  • Answer 3 questions your customers are asking the most
  • Explain why existing solutions do not work

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"Instead of assuming that your ideas and intuitions are correct and embarking on product development, you will be actively trying to poke holes in your ideas, to prove yourself wrong."

Cindy AlvarezLean Customer Development