How to Introduce Yourself in the Private Facebook Community

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You’ll learn I love MadLibs and templates, so here is your first to fill out for your Facebook intro*:



Hey! [INSERT ADJECTIVE] to be here. My company is called [INSERT COMPANY NAME] and you can find us at [INSERT COMPANY WEBSITE]. 

The problem we solve is [INSERT PROBLEM STATEMENT.] We think our target customers are [DESCRIBE YOUR AUDIENCE]. We’re solving their problem by [INSERT YOUR SOLUTION].

I have a background in [SOME TOPIC YOU’RE GOOD AT] so if you need help in that area, I’m here to help.

Besides connecting with me on Facebook, you can also find me on [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM] at [INSERT PROFILE URL].

#ask Right now, my most immediate goal is [INSERT GOAL]. I could use help with [INSERT YOUR QUESTION, YOUR CURRENT CHALLENGE, YOUR BIGGEST ROADBLOCK] 

(feel free to modify)