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Paid Advertising Does Not Work for Early-Stage Startups

By October 1, 2021March 3rd, 2022No Comments

Is paid advertising right for you?

Just run some ads, direct them to a landing page, and see how many opt-ins you get!

Sounds easy enough? It’s one of the worst ways to validate your startup idea.

What could go wrong?

When it comes to paid advertising, there are a lot of variables. You have…
1. your headline
2. your description
3. a photo or graphic
4. a call-to-action

All of these are workshop-able, right? But testing out all of these variables and piecing together the right combination is detrimental to your bank account.

On top of all of these variables, you also have the variable of selecting the right audience to show your ads.

So it’s no surprise that with all of these variables, it’s almost impossible to get what you really need: people using your product, providing feedback and validating your idea through *actual* usage.

Instead of pouring all of your money into the top of your marketing funnel as you publish your ad and cross your fingers that people will actually click, put careful thought into hand-selecting the right people for product testing.

Resources and time should be spent networking, recruiting and nurturing customer relationships.

It’s only after you’ve done this that you’re ready to put together those ads and spend those advertising dollars!

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