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[Nasdaq] The ‘Aha Moment’ That Moved the Needle for 36 Business Women

By June 1, 2023No Comments

In this interview with Nasdaq, I share the big ‘aha moment’ that really moved the needle for me in my entrepreneurial journey. My realization? Nobody cares.

This insight helped me overcome the fear of perfectionism. Initially, when I trademarked Lady Engineer® and launched Labs*, I felt insecure. However, as time passed, I grew more comfortable discussing my work publicly, sharing milestones, and announcing promotions. After about a year, a friend congratulated me on Labs* as if it were new information to her. This experience made me realize that no one else is as invested in our endeavors as we are, and there isn’t a crowd of people waiting to critique our every move.

Read the full interview here and hear from 35 other business women.