Sound strategies from someone who has experience with startups and accelerating growth

Open doors with investors while building revenue streams so you

(1) successfully fund your next round, and

(2) get customers.

I want to share with you:

How to leverage customer research so when you launch your product, customers are ready to pay on day 1.
How to build a product your customers want without being hostage to the wrong developers
How to find the right investors, at the right stage, that focus on your specific industry…without getting lost in the haystack

Lindsay Tabas Playing Jenga Building Engineering Things
When I play big Jenga, I can’t help myself. The engineer comes out: I want to figure out how to BUILD the biggest Jenga tower ever.
Where others want to trip up the competition as quickly as possible, I’m interested in collaborating to grow a towering structure. I’m always asking, how can we make this better?

Helping founders reduce the cost of very common and expensive mistakes

Oh, and I LOVE for profit, social impact, people minded, do-gooders

“I thought I knew who my target market was, but when I think back on where the beginning of the process to where I am now, it is almost comical how unfocused I was. I cannot imagine how much heartache and money this saved me.”

Alison Mountford, Founder at Ends & Stems

“Within [the first two weeks] my entire business pivoted, and I have come to a new solution. It took me three years to get there with my business and I wish I had taken this course beforehand.”

Christina Weber, Founder and CEO at Underground Unattached

Here’s a combined strategy for getting investors and getting customers. That means money in your pocket sooner.

by The Lady Engineer (TM), Lindsay T.