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The Make Sense Podcast

Is our healthcare system collapsing? w/ Jinsy Jacob

By June 14, 2023February 25th, 2024No Comments

In this episode of Make Sense, I sit down with Jinsy Jacob, an emergency room pediatrician and angel investor in healthcare startups. We talk about the state of the healthcare industry in the US and what we could see (& hope to see) in the future.

Show Notes

00:00 – Think about your last experience at a doctor’s office…

00:40 – Meet Jinsy and Lindsay

3:37 – Is tech the solution to the US healthcare worker shortage?

10:44 – Immortality as a service

16:45 – Are annual mental health check-ins going to be a thing?

22:24 – An inside look at the transition to electronic medical records

39:26 – The scoop on healthcare and health tech investing


Make Sense is a weekly series dedicated to talking about startup stories from the past, hysterical or mind-numbing blunders, how to do better. We also discuss how tech impacts us and how we can raise the bar when it comes to the ethics, morals, and standards in the tech industry.

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