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An Investor Told Me to Change My Product, Should I?

By September 16, 2021March 3rd, 2022No Comments

It’s story time…

Who is this wise cracker?

Someone left a comment reviewing my product-market fit workshop saying it was all “hyperbole.”

Excuse me?

I’m known for giving really practical and easy to implement advice.

Someone else said, “I felt like I was being lectured.”

Okay, fair, if you are making all of the classic mistakes that lead 90% of startups to fail, and don’t care to admit it, then you might be on the defensive.

When I read those comments, though, I scoffed and closed the browser tab.

I asked my assistant to review all of the feedback to suss out anything useful.

And, I huffed.

Then, I forgot about it. Until it was time to do my workshop again. She reminded me that she did the analysis.

42 positive comments and 7 negative.

And the negative comments were all over the place. No one said the same thing.

Just under 20% had something critical to say. Yet, I glommed on to the negative ones.

I’m human. You’re bound to do the same, too.

This is just a reminder that if one person says something, it’s just an OPINION.

This goes for your customers, investors, advisors, ANYONE.

In fact, pivot gone bad is the number 8 reason startups fail

Learn when you should listen to investor feedback and when you shouldn’t.

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