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Is it worth it to hire someone to run your Twitter account?

By July 22, 2021April 3rd, 2022No Comments

Is it worth it to hire someone to run that social media channel?

Do you get social media platform FOMO? Or really, any-new-marketing-tactic FOMO?

It can feel like everyone else is doing all of the things, and we’re just running in place, trying to gain traction on one simple social media platform.

In a Lindsay Answers Questions on the Internet video, I answer a question I get about Twitter. “Should I hire someone to run my Twitter account?”

The answer isn’t a clear cut yes and no.

Think about it… I’ve stressed the importance of observing and getting to know your customer. How can you do that without meeting them where they’re at?

With that said, even if your customers aren’t on a certain social media platform, there may be other reasons to hang out there.

Think about your ideal business partnerships, potential investors, and advisors. Where are they?

These are all questions that need to be considered upfront AND on an ongoing basis. People change, platforms change, and we need to do thorough assessments to figure out if a platform is worth our time and money.

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