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How to Get Customers

By March 24, 2021March 2nd, 2022No Comments

Tell me if this sounds familiar

You have an amazing idea for something you and your friends or family can do over the weekend. You run to pitch the idea…

… and no one is as excited as you are.


Now, imagine that this idea is actually a software or physical product you built, and you launch it to no buying customers.

Worst nightmare, am I right?

With the weekend plans situation, there’s no harm if you keep throwing out more and more ideas. You may get exacerbated, but one is bound to land.

That’s where the analogy with a product SHOULD end, though.

Many founders assume “no buying customers” = “something wrong with the product”

Yet, the more tinkering they do with the product, the longer they go without understanding their target customers.

Eliminate the guesswork by talking to your ideal customers.

If you do not yet have exact customers waiting for your product, it’s time to step away and stop investing in developing it. Spend time early on getting to know your customer, what their problem is, and the current ‘solutions’ they are using.

As you work through product-market fit, you’ll explore the benchmarks:

  1. Problem Exploring
  2. Solution Finding & Iterating
  3. Growing

Feeling overwhelmed?

I created Labs*: Product-Market Fit for Pre-Seed Startups to help founders like you move confidently from idea-to-traction. Labs* is the startup program where you’ll actually learn how to target your early adopters, matching the customer base to the right messaging and the best solutions that resonate.

Learn more and register for Labs* here.

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