Your Traffic Isn’t Converting

But this program will fix that

Onboarding is everything. There are thousands of amazing product ideas that are never given a chance because their interface, messaging and functionality fail to match customer expectations. In this 10-week group program focused on New User Onboarding with Lindsay T., Lady Engineer® we will make your product easier to buy than your competition’s.

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Did you know you have 8 to 15 seconds to connect with a new user before they jump ship? Being so close to your product, you may find it difficult to understand how new site visitors don’t “get it.”

Together, we will identify the most important issues that new users will notice, discover major usability errors preventing customers from realizing your product’s value propositions, and produce new customer acquisition and user onboarding designs that you can implement with your own development resources.

  • Design better experiments
  • Validate your hypotheses faster
  • Align your product with what customers want
  • Build traction
  • Drive revenue

About This Class

Smooth out the steps used to bring on and familiarize a new customer with your products and services, particularly those coming from paid marketing and organic traffic.

If you have an amazing onboarding experience, then you can focus on bringing as many customers as possible.  But you’re facing a bevy of challenges, and a seemingly long list of competing priorities ahead of your next important launch or release. .

If you have a product in the marketplace, your conversion rate should be exciting to track, but instead, it’s frustrating. Users are jumping ship too quickly, which isn’t helping you meet marketing, sales, and customer needs. Plus, you only have so many paid marketing dollars to spend, and any leaks in your funnel is money down the drain.

It is totally normal if you feel you are so close to that hockey-stick growth but are struggling to understand why users are not sticking around. Acquiring new users is a daunting, never-ending challenge. Yet, if having the design, product, and marketing skills is important to you, this is an area you can succeed in.

The expertise to assemble your user acquisition and retention strategies is easy for you to learn. You just need Lindsay to break it down for you.


What You’ll Walk Away With

  • Improved onboarding experience
  • Unified product & marketing experience at sign-up
  • Persuasive story that matches customers’ values
  • Simplified instructions that match customers’ learning curve
  • Long-term marketing strategy built on real customer feedback
  • Bank of value propositions and product benefits to use across product & marketing


  • 10 weeks
  • Meet 2 hours ever week
  • Starts the first week of October
  • Curated & selective group of founders
  • Recordings, content, tools & resources to guide you
  • Email support with Lindsay
  • Optional bi-weekly office hours
  • Optional closed group collaboration space

Some of What We’ll Do

  • Execute quick & dirty usability reviews
  • Get feedback on your onboarding experience
  • Design new sign-up flows
  • Update your product roadmap
  • Fine-tune marketing language

Pricing: $2,845

*A la carte 1-on-1 consulting, coaching & product/UX work available at a discount to all participants

Figure Out if This Program is Right For You

The easiest way to figure out if this is for you is to schedule a call with me, Lindsay, and talk it over together. On the phone, I will ask you some questions, I’ll let you know if I can help you, and you can ask more questions about what we can accomplish together.

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