You need a good working prototype to validate your idea

This program will get you there.

Confidently navigate the startup landscape by developing a product roadmap, executing user interviews & well-constructed surveys, and improving your own prototype in this 12-week group program focused on establishing a strong product-market fit baseline from early customer research with Product-Market Fit Expert & Startup Tech Advisor Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®

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Also very cool:

General Partner of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures included my program as part of his weekly newsletter on Sept. 21, 2020.

If you’re wondering why he thinks a program like Labs* is important, read his recent post, “Pitch like you expect to be funded. Expect to be funded after you’ve done your homework.

Together, we will target your early adopters and match the customer base to the right messaging and solution that resonates. Other founders can spend years inadequately testing prototypes without making money, but that’s not how I like to guide my founders. In accelerating you through the entire idea-to-traction process, I want you to also make money. Just because you don’t have the funding yet, doesn’t mean you’re startup isn’t worth it. Here’s your chance to prove it.

  • Design better experiments
  • Validate your hypotheses faster
  • Align your product with what customers will pay for
  • Build proof and traction around your idea
  • Identify early revenue opportunities

About This Class

The road to Product-Market Fit starts when you do. Let’s transform your idea into a product worth rallying around.

If you can get past the analysis paralysis, you’ll discover the form your ultimate solution should take. There are too many variables to consider while building your startup, and it’s leading you to struggle with how to connect with customers. After every new customer you interview, it might feel like you’re heading towards a different solution.

Customer validation is essential to going from idea-to-traction, particularly if you find the software development process prohibitive and expensive. This is challenging stuff: consider that most advisors and mentors you come across (if you can even meet them!) have not built a digital product from scratch, and might not understand the modern marketing & community building landscape.

So it is totally normal if you are really confident that the problem you’ve identified is worth solving, yet you spend most days debating the right next steps and slamming against dead-ends. In this program, you’ll learn how to properly analyze your research, determine the market size, need and fit, and acquire the Product & UX skills you need to prototype. With all of this newfound expertise, figuring out the right people to continue working with and balancing all the should-be-doings will be easy as pie.

The expertise to move confidently from idea-to-traction is easy for you to learn. You just need Lindsay to break it down for you.

What You’ll Walk Away With

  • Reliable system for connecting with customers
  • Validated market & customer research
  • Prototype tests that prove fundamental hypotheses
  • List of existing features that appeal to customers
  • Map of the revenue-generating features you still need to build
  • Customer testimonials to endorse your company
  • Updated UX designs
  • Strong pre-seed fundraising deck & well-explained answers to accelerator application questions


  • 12-week program
  • Starts first week of October
  • 2-hours every-other week
  • Private video conferencing
  • Curated & selective group of founders
  • Recordings, content, tools & resources
  • Email support with Lindsay
  • Optional bi-weekly office hours

Some of What We’ll Do

  • Identify key early customers and partners
  • Create a step-by-step game plan for marketing your startup
  • Carry out product testing
  • Implement product management & design fundamentals
  • Finesse your applications for accelerator programs

Pricing: $995*

*A la carte 1-on-1 consulting, coaching & product/UX work available at a discount to all participants

Figure Out if This Program is Right For You

The easiest way to figure out if this is for you is to schedule a call with me, Lindsay, and talk it over together. On the phone, I will ask you some questions, I’ll let you know if I can help you, and you can ask more questions about what we can accomplish together.

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