Your Startup’s Product Isn’t Working

But this program will fix that.

Banish startup uncertainty, discover your niche early adopters, and execute several lean product iterations in this 10-week group program focused on Alpha/Beta pilot testing with Product-Market Fit Expert & Startup Tech Advisor Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®

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Together, we will update your product based on real customer feedback so that you can speed up decision-making, cycle time, speed, and tempo. The faster you can iterate, the sooner you will find a scalable business model.

  • Design better experiments
  • Validate your hypotheses faster
  • Align your product with what customers want
  • Build traction
  • Drive revenue

About This Class

Engage customers in Pilot Testing to get your product successfully into the world the right way.

If you find the early adopters who are desperate for your product, everything about building your startup becomes easier. But you’re not sure about the several potential user segments you’ve identified and your current product might be too complicated for customers to use.

You know you have some things right but other things have you stuck. This is difficult stuff: consider that most professional digital product managers doling out advice on the internet also struggle with doing good customer development, user research, and product testing. And, most of them have 0 experience building and launching products from scratch.

So it is totally normal if you feel so close to launching but are struggling with how to connect with your customers. Just because you haven’t been able to engage your audience yet doesn’t mean you don’t have a business.

The expertise to test and iterate on your product is easy for you to learn. You just need Lindsay to break it down for you.

What You’ll Walk Away With

  • Reliable system for recruiting beta testers and connecting with customers
  • Validated list of existing features that appeal to customers, and
  • Map of the revenue-generating features you still need to build
  • Key metrics to demonstrate traction
  • Customer testimonials to endorse your company
  • Updated UX designs
  • Marketing language that demonstrates a strong set of values


  • 10-week program
  • Starts first week of October
  • 2-hours per week
  • Private video conferencing
  • Curated & selective group of founders
  • Recordings, content, tools & resources
  • Email support with Lindsay
  • Optional bi-weekly office hours

Some of What We’ll Do

  • Get Feedback on Your Prototype/Product
  • Nail Down Your Early Adopter Segment
  • Update Your Product Roadmap
  • Fine Tune Marketing Language

Pricing: $2,095*

*A la carte 1-on-1 consulting, coaching & product/UX work available at a discount to all participants

Figure Out if This Program is Right For You

The easiest way to figure out if this is for you is to schedule a call with me, Lindsay, and talk it over together. On the phone, I will ask you some questions, I’ll let you know if I can help you, and you can ask more questions about what we can accomplish together.

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