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With me, Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®, you’ll define in detail your early adopters, clarify your MVP and build your entire business based on real user feedback.

Connect with Customers → Unlock Startup Growth

As of Fall 2021, you can access Labs* immediately . Start connecting with customers and asking the right questions today!

Do you want to...

  • Confidently connect with customers?
  • Execute user interviews & well-constructed surveys?
  • Improve an existing prototype or create a new one?
  • Put a lot of lean and agile startup theory into action?
  • Move out of analysis paralysis to have a product that real customers want?

Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. You have a great idea, but you’re stuck.

Thru the multiple lean iterations built into Labs*, you will feel confident about it all.

“Labs* is a great way for startup founders to validate that the idea they have is the one their target customers want solved and are willing to pay for. It really opened my eyes to how much one can get clouded by the excitement of their own idea and lose track of the customer’s pain points that need to be addressed. 

– Regina Jaslow, Founder,

Rose kept moving even when her developer stopped responding

Jess has 65 people to pilot her dating app

Lisa confidently launched a suite of tools to help contemporary art buyers

Dan Jacob looks off to the right

“By honing in on our core offering (photography services) we were able to land a new customer that gave a much-needed testimonial that we’ll now proudly display on our pitch decks & website. The vote of confidence from the customer-validated our concept & did wonders for me as a founder since COVID had derailed much of our momentum; it was great to get back on the right path, this time with more focus thanks to Lindsay & Labs! “

– Dan Jacob, CEO & Founder, Versa 

Meet Labs*: Product-Market Fit for Pre-Seed Startups


Your biggest asset is knowing how to go from what customers say to what your business does, the messages you convey via marketing, and what software developers build.

When you enroll, Labs* drips 12 modules over the first 12-weeks. You also immediately join the private community and Weekly Q&A sessions, which support you for 6-months. Your access to the course materials never expires, and you are welcome to move through at your own pace.

Labs* is based on 6 years of tech/engineering education and 15-some years working with hundreds of startups and investors, as well as teams across Fortune 500 teams.

I designed Labs* through multiple lenses:

  • What are the technical skills (outside of coding) any founder can learn to successfully navigate product development with software developers?
  • How far can founders push their startup, proving customer validation, traction, and revenue sources without hiring software developers or looking for a co-founder?
  • Which parts of the business must be sussed out so founders can easily fill out applications for accelerators, fellowships and investment?

In Labs* and with me,  you’ll acquire skillsets and frameworks that will save you tens of thousands of dollars and months (if not years) of heartache.

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As of Fall 2021, you can access Labs* immediately . Start connecting with customers and asking the right questions today!

Self-Paced Modules

Short, impactful video lessons include everything you need to know to move your company forward as a lean, customer-centric startup. You’ll get access to a new module every week for 12 weeks. You retain access to course materials for the life of the program. Go at your own pace, and return as often as you need.

Individual Assessment

An upfront Individual Assessment helps you understand how to adapt the Labs* product-market fit framework to your specific needs. You’ll assess your confidence in what you already know and have accomplished to identify the areas that most need your focus during Labs*.

Tools, Guides, & Templates

When you invest in Labs*, you have access to guides and templates like interview scripts, email and social messages to recruit for customer research, and survey planning. Get the exact, explicit steps to execute product management and marketing in parallel for a startup at your stage.


You get exclusive access to a private Facebook group for real-time support from me as well as past and present Labs* founders. The connections you make here and in the Q&A calls provide an extra boost to your journey. Your access continues for 6 months.

Labs* Q&A Calls

Every startup is unique! Meet with me weekly on Thursdays at 11 a.m or 7 p.m EST to ask me anything! I’m here to support you as you move through the program, helping to provide individualized advice. You’ll also have access to Q&A for 6 months post-enrollment.

You need to join this unique 12-module self-paced program that makes sure every component of your startup is sensible, scalable, and customer-validated.

Plus, you get to work with me, Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®, a Product-Market Fit Expert & Startup Tech Advisor who has been designing software since 2002 and playing the startup game since!

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Labs logo is a beaker drawn with red liquid inside

When you are part of Labs*: Product-Market Fit for Pre-Seed Startups, amazing things happen:

Erin Chen and Marzia Mura collected 240+ survey responses, captured 100+ emails, held over 60 phone calls, and reached more husbands than they were ever able to do before!

“Labs was amazing to dig deeper into validating the pain points, identify early evangelists, getting into the beginnings of a product (i.e., filling in the details between all the concept / theory that we just blindly execute on and hope for the best)... BEFORE sinking a bunch of $ or giving away equity to end up not truly creating something that the market wants.”

Erin ChenFounder,

Rose Herr collected 300+ responses to her customer research survey, validating new features, and picking up 246 email addresses to add to her launch list. She said:

“I had an idea I'm passionate about but didn't know how to move things forward. The course helped me focus, and provided me with clear steps. Being able to say that I was taking concrete steps to work on my idea gave me more confidence in telling people about it.”

Rose HerrFounder of NailedIt

Santha Gokul signed a new customer after only 2 weeks in Labs*.

“For 3 years, I did several accelerator programs where there were only stories and I struggled to transition the learning into my startup. When I took Labs*, I quickly realized Labs* is not just about stories but taking founders on the journey of making it work for their startups. Being in Labs* is by far the most valuable journey for my startup and our team.”

Santha GokulFounder, Be@FourFront
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Your expert guide…Lindsay T, Lady Engineer®

Hi, there! I help founders design & sell the right product before spending too much (more!) time and money building the wrong one.

I started designing and developing software in 2002 while studying engineering at the University of Virginia. Over 15-some years, I’ve worked with over 100 startups & investors, as well as teams across Fortune 500 firms. My education is in human-computer interaction, my career mostly in digital product development (I review startups for investors, too!), and my persistent passion will always be to design technology for people.

Recently, I’ve led workshops for Chloe Capital, Founder.University (3x!), EdTechWeek, HopperX, and Venture Cafe. I’ve also had my work featured in Forbes, 500Startups and Business Insider.

I created Labs* to help founders like you masterfully piece together the entire process – from research through building the product and scaling your business – in a format that activates your capabilities in a structure you need.

Awesome brands I've worked with:

What You'll Learn

Through Labs*, you will master the skills needed to confidently (1) know which customers to talk to, (2) ask the right questions to get substantial feedback, and (3) analyze the findings to identify the insights that actually matter, right now.

Customer Base

In Labs*, you’ll dig into real customer needs, instead of assumptions.

  1. Research, vet and pin down your market’s interests, directions and gaps.
  2. Determine which customer segment presents the most opportunity before spending significant time and money building a product.
  3. Define, in detail, your early-vangelists. These are people willing to pay you time and money solely from the idea that you can solve their problem.

Right Messaging

You’ll identify your customers’ values, perceptions and pains in their own words, so you can use their language to connect, build relationships, and eventually, sell to them.

  1. Create a solid baseline of marketing activities to do in parallel with product development
  2. Execute on a marketing plan that engages and galvanizes your audience
  3. Build momentum for when your product is ready to launch

Best Solution

Labs* is formatted so that you design and sell the right product before spending too much (more) money on software developers.

  1. Validate the concept, quantify the potential, and design the product
  2. Clarify your MVP and build it based on user input and feedback
  3. Test your product assumptions and offers
Jessica SEepersad

The way Lindsay explains things and her vision also really resonates with me. It’s an approach that I’m a lot more comfortable with than the “build it and they may come” or ” just pitch something/raise money” approach.”

– Jessica Seepersad, Founder, Klouf

Through Labs*, you will walk away with:

  • A reliable system for connecting with customers
  • Validated market & customer research
  • Multiple rounds of testing that prove fundamental hypotheses
  • Clear list of features that appeal to customers
  • Map of the revenue-generating features you still need to build
  • Customer-driven content to use in your marketing
  • Updated prototypes, no-code MVPs and a productized-service (that’s designed to drive revenue!)

…and you’ll have me as your dedicated guide, creative companion, and strategic thought partner.

I'm In!
Join today and get instant access. The world can’t wait for your innovations. Let’s get going!

Before Labs*, my elevator pitch and marketing sounded generic and canned. Through Lindsay's exercises and lessons, I found an authentic voice to describe my idea and app. Also, Labs* helped me hone in on the MVP rather than some ambiguous, unformed concept.

Lori M.Founder, ISeeBingo (EdTech)

How Labs* Works

Class Access

Our class is fully online. All lessons, resources, guides, and templates can be found in our private membership portal. Our live weekly Q&A calls happen on Zoom and the call recordings will be added to the portal. Our private discussion and support group is on Facebook. You have access to the modules for the life of the program, so you can return to the material anytime you need.

New Topics & Lessons Weekly

When you sign up, you can immediately get started! From your enrollment date, new course modules and topics will be released on a weekly basis for 12-weeks. Each module includes video learning, custom guides and templates, suggested resources and related readings.

The release schedule was carefully designed to optimize your outcomes for both product and marketing.  However, with access for the life of the program, you can go at your own pace and take the time you need move through!

Live Q&A Sessions

You’re invited to weekly live office hour Q&A sessions on Thursdays, with sessions offered at both 11 a.m or 7 p.m EST to make it easy for you to attend. Recordings will also be shared if you can’t join at that time (and you can submit your questions in advance for me to answer live). During these sessions, I take any questions, whether they are about the Labs* content or related to any other startup challenge you are facing. Getting direct, expert coaching in real time is invaluable.

The Labs* Resource Library

The Labs* process orients you towards efficiency, identifying for you which activities and tasks to prioritize, and how to build the skills to get you there. The Labs* Resource library include 40+ tools, guides, templates and resources. These powerful companion guides offer you the concrete details you need to execute.

Some of these game-changing resources include:

  • Research: Leverage online forums for customer insights
  • Analysis: Validate data and answers across interviews
  • Product: Evaluate and update your MVP based on user feedback
  • Design: Fundamentals to prototyping and wireframes
  • Awareness: Build relationships with the right customers
  • Launch: Run a marketing campaign for new user acquisition

Want guidance on how to move forward? The Labs* Resource Library provide you with step-by-step plans to keep you absolutely focused on product-market fit.

The Inner Circle on Facebook

You’ll join an exclusive private Facebook group where you’ll be able to get support from current and past founders who have done Labs* or worked with me 1-on-1.  I’ll be able to answer your questions there (daily!) as you move through the program. Additionally, many of the micro-learning modules link to relevant discussions in the group so you can contribute and learn from past discussions.

I will also have a secondary means for Q&A on Google Groups for those of you who prefer that.

Carmela Abraham Looks straightahead

“Labs* has clear steps, templates, processes, and feedback specific to my startup. Lindsay has amazing insight into simplification and organization.”

– Carmela Abraham, Founder of Xiggit (FinTech)

Deirdre Horan smiling for the camera

“The Labs* curriculum covers product-market fit and various other topics that ensure our products fulfill the needs and wants of the customer. We gathered that intel, then Lindsay gave us the tools to digest the findings in clear, concise, and actionable steps”

– Deirdre Horan, Founder of Dri (CPG)

Labs* at a Glance

“I completed a 17-month Executive Masters with Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. In my opinion the organization, content, and tools in Labs* are on par with some of the best I’ve experienced.”

– Steve Benton, Deputy Assistant Director at Arizona’s Department of Environmental Quality & Part-time Founder

Labs* is a thoughtfully designed system of lean iterations with 20 chapters across 6 stages. Read below to learn more about each stage:

Research: Start Talking to Customers on Day One

Customer research is the key to your growth. Labs* takes you through multiple lean iterations of research, design, test and update. After a brief overview of product management and product-market fit for preseed startups, you will be in touch with customers right away.

  • Identify and debunk misconceptions about innovation and creativity
  • Analyze and learn from several startup case studies; the good and the bad
  • Create your early adopter hypotheses to a level of specification needed to test your product assumptions effectively
  • Implement techniques to observe and learn from customers online
  • Develop your interview script with a companion guide of template questions to include
  • Formulate your interview mindset to maximize your insights
  • Define the Early-vangelist Template
  • Observe Your Customers in the Wild Guide
  • Industry & Customer Research Tracking Template
  • Big Book of Interview Questions
  • Base User Research Script

Analysis: Unpack What the Customer Says

In this phase, you will dig into the real customer need vs the assumptions you have around it. By the end, you will have determined which customer segment presents to you the most opportunity.

  • Derive actionable insights from interviews
  • Identify patterns in customer profiles
  • Explore your ‘competition’ and challenge your current thinking around the market
  • Determine the customer personas that care the most
  • Recognize insights around your customers’ goals and needs – the emotional reasons they’ll buy into your vision and product
  • Short Write-Up Template for Interviews
  • Tracking Customer Profiles Template
  • Environmental Scan, Market Landscape & Key Competitors Template
  • Customer Journey Template
  • Proving Problem <> Value Fit Guide

Create: Apply Insights to Product & Marketing

A successful startup solves the right problem for their target customer. You also want to develop a feature set that true addresses the customers’ issues in a way that pleases them. Here, you will start to learn the startup’s delicate balance between product and marketing.

  • Leverage your research to break down all customer problems
  • Identify the one that is most important for you to address: The Most Valuable Problem
  • Develop your core brand values to frame your startup’s messaging, product, and customer experience
  • Conduct a massive and expansive guided brainstorm to identify the most promising product direction
  • Encapsulate your potential solutions and product strategy into testable statements
  • Learn the basics of marketing, how to do it, and why it matters now, with or without a product
  • Problem Statement Mad Libs
  • Solution Brainstorming Jamboard
  • Evaluating Potential Solutions Template
  • Product Vision Canvas Template
  • Marketing Awareness Guide

Validate: Scale Your Findings

In this phase, you will package everything you’ve learned so far to see what resonates with a larger audience. Most founders do surveys too soon and do not design them well enough to build the right kind of momentum. Not you!

  • Put into action a survey project plan that fits within the lean startup iterations
  • Learn the techniques that increases customers’ ability to fill out your survey
  • Design and launch a mini marketing campaign around your survey
  • Organize your survey findings to encapsulate your learnings and next steps
  • Determine where you have validation and what requires more insight
  • Survey Question Writing Guide
  • Survey Planning Template
  • Digital Marketing Canvas
  • Survey Recruiting & Distribution Mad Libs
  • Customer Advisory Board Template
  • Survey Results & Findings Template

Design: Build a Product that Will Be Used and Useful

It’s time to refine and iterate on your idea or product. No matter the maturity of your solution, the skills in this phase will save you thousands in saved time and money with designers and software developers

In this stage of Labs*, you will:

  • Distinguish between a prototype and a minimal viable product, and how to leverage each
  • Focus and prioritize the most important customer needs into product features
  • Assemble a low-fidelity prototype and test
  • Learn design layout and usability basics so that you don’t need to hire UX/UI designers right now
  • Develop a clickable prototype and user test it through as many iterations as you need before handing it over to developers (if that’s what you want).
  • Customers Goals and Needs
  • Testing Prototypes Guide
  • Design Layout Basics
  • Co-Design with Customers Guide
  • Eliminate Personal Conjecture Diagram

Launch: Put You and Your Solution Out There

Regardless of whether you have the technical expertise or not, by the end of Labs*, you will have something to sell and test with customers.

  • Learn how to manage your marketing, with or without a product to sell
  • Develop marketing copy using insights you’ve collected throughout Labs*
  • Obtain a blueprint to go from your survey solution insights to a something you can offer now
  • Get the sequence of steps needed to adopt no-code tools that will help you scale your operations
  • Organize yourself to use no-code platforms to build your MVP.
  • Create a Lead Magnet (a.k.a opt-in) Instructions
  • High Converting Landing Page Designs
  • Designing a Productized Service

Past Labs* Startups Include

The Investment

12 Weeks to Knowing Your Startup is Valid, Viable, and Valuable

How much is it worth? Past Labs* participants have:

  • Acquired 200+ paying subscribers organically in the first 3 months after launch from following my product-market fit framework
  • Won $65K in non-equity funding from Uber x GirlBoss Pitch Competition after two pitch working sessions
  • Received $25K in funding from a local accelerator before having a product in the market
  • Accepted into top accelerators like ERA, LAUNCH’s Founder University, B2B Accelerator, Nasdaq Milestone Makers, Leap Ventures Startup Bootcamp, Ready Set Raise, and more
  • Mentioned by large media outlets like the NYTimes, CB Insights, ABC/Good Morning America, to name a few
  • Got enough encouragement from me to stick out the hard pandemic then get acquired (with money to spare!) one year later
Total Value: $9,546
Your Price: $995
Or 3 Payments of $400
Choose Your Payment Option:

One Easy Payment (Save $205)

$ 995


3 Monthly Payments

$ 400

per month
* Have cofounders? Please refer to the FAQ for more information.

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

You can feel confident in joining Labs*, completely risk-free. If after 14 days of putting in the work and joining our live calls, you haven’t gotten any value from the program, simply contact with a link to your completed Industry & Customer Research Tracking worksheet and you’ll receive a full refund.

Labs logo is a beaker drawn with red liquid inside

How Labs* Helped Them...

“Labs* gave me extremely thorough tools to qualify and test my ideas. Before, I was uncertain about so many aspects of my new business. However, the unprecedented level of concrete detail in Lindsay's program obliterated all uncertainty and revealed a clear path forward.”

Lisa CooleyFounder & Art Advisor, Oko (Modern Art Education)

“Labs was amazing to dig deeper into validating the pain points, identify early evangelists, getting into the beginnings of a product (i.e., filling in the details between all the concept / theory that we just blindly execute on and hope for the best)... BEFORE sinking a bunch of $ or giving away equity to end up not truly creating something that the market wants.”

Erin ChenCo-Founder of Gilly (Relationship Tech)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Labs* different from other accelerators?

In most startup accelerators and new business programs, you’ll learn the fundamentals of being a business owner like a business plan, financials, and legal framework. Those are all defensive tactics when you’re starting out.

Playing offense means putting yourself out there, talking to real customers, and experimenting with products and offers that will actually make your audience open their wallets.

Unlike other programs out there, by the end of Labs*, you’ll have a real framework for handling future product concerns, and the tools to continually quantify and test your ideas with actual people. These are the skills you need to scale for the long-term.

What are the signs that Labs* is right for me?

Labs* is for you if:

  • You are a non-technical founder blocked in building the product because you are struggling to find a co-founder or CTO to bring the product to life
  • You are either non-technical or technical and have a product or prototype, but do not know how to find and test your potential early-adopter segments
  • You’re an aspiring founder looking for concrete steps on what to do next with your app or product idea
  • You are a CPG founder looking to develop your website and build an audience to, possibly, leverage for crowdfunding production in the future.

How will I get the type of customer information I need to discover my relevant marketing segments?

I love this question because this is where Labs* shines, and I know your family and friends are a bit exhausted from all of your inquiries.

In the first 4 weeks, we aggressively go after customer insights and discovery. That includes recruiting for interviews, as well as leveraging different technology platforms and communities to gather more intel and recruit people we do not yet know.

One of the beauties of being in Labs* is that you can leverage the extended community in our private Facebook group.

I got great tips about finding information about potential customers through unconventional channels, like asking questions in reddit, Facebook groups, etc. Doing this type of research was extremely valuable and helped me immerse myself in my customer's needs.

Lori M.Founder, ISeeBingo (EdTech)

Is Labs* all strategy or is there actually tangible, results-oriented work?

Labs* covers both strategy and tactics so that you are empowered to face product and marketing iterations long after the program ends. There are very specific, tangible outcomes that are detailed in the Labs* At a Glance section.

Here are some quick hits I’ve been asked before:

Does Labs* help with content creation? 

We go through the steps for you to build a content strategy that makes sense for YOU and your audience, and that includes putting together an inspiration board of the types of content you want to create and share based on your brand personality/archetype.
The Lady Engineer® Tools Library has additional resources I can share, upon request, when it comes to Instagram hashtags and quickly/efficiently making lots of social media images.
Would you assist with finding features/publicity opportunities?
PR is not a core offering of Labs*, but again, I have resources and intel t offer you. I’m also capable of pointing you in the right direction.
From time to time, I and other members will share features & publicity opportunities in the private Facebook group.
Does Labs* help with a launch plan?
Your launch plan is fundamentally built into what we are doing. Throughout Labs*, we are identifying the right marketing tactics, the right distribution channels, and the right messaging and content for you to find and connect with your customers.
Throughout the program, if there is something you feel you are missing or need, use the private Facebook with questions and myself or other members will share what we know.

When does Labs* begin? What is the pace?

Labs* is now accepting new founders on a rolling and ongoing basis! As soon as you enroll:

  • You’ll have access to the first 4 chapters, then you will get an email weekly with new content
  • You can join the private Facebook group
  • We’ll share with you the Labs* Q&A meeting details

Weekly Q&A is every Thursday at 11 am & 7 pm ET. Additional Q&A time slots may be offered based on demand.

Does my access to program materials expire?

Once you’re part of Labs*, you have access to all of the course content as long as the course and website live on. I want to see you succeed for the long term!

For 6 months after enrollment, you will have access to the private Facebook group and Weekly Q&A.

What will my interaction with the other participants in the program be like?

In the private Facebook Group and weekly Q&A, we foster an innovation/creative brain trust. One of the things I enjoy doing is looking for synchronous and mutually beneficial opportunities amongst members.

Typical interactions include:

  • One founder asks for help with no-code tools and another offered her time and experience
  • One founder hosted another on her IG Live
  • Community members often become interview participants and survey takers because they meet each other’s early adopter criteria

Additionally, we host quarterly events to facilitate 1-on-1 connections with other founders, past and present.

You will 100% feel that you have a peer group to bounce ideas off of and lean on for support.

Is there any accountability?

The amount of accountability you receive is determined by your level of participation in the Weekly Q&As and the private community. While I’m not personally reviewing all of your individual materials, I do keep track of the founders that show up and interact with me and the community.

You should know, if I don’t hear from you, believe, you will hear from me!

Is this program just for women, or is it designed for men, too?

Labs* is open to all genders and identities, and is definitely not designed exclusively for women. The last cohort in Summer 2021 was majority men.

“It's great to be around talented founders & I love the course material.”

Dan JacobFounder & CEO of Versa (Marketplace to Find Photographers)

Should I just do private coaching with you instead?

I take on a limited number of private, 1-on-1 coaching clients that start with a 3-month commitment at $1150 per month. You can Schedule a call with me, and we’ll talk about whether (1) Labs* + a monthly 1-hour private session or (2) exclusively 1-on-1 is a better fit for you.

I've been working on my startup for some time, will I have to start from scratch?

Short answer: No.

I have had founders with mature products and enterprise clients take Labs* because they want to refresh or beef up their customer research and product management skills.

There have been other Labs* founders who are product managers that simply want to know all of the stuff that I know in these fields.

Labs* does start with Customer Research because research and connecting with customers needs to be a constant priority through every stage and lifecycle of a company. Based on your next milestones, you can adjust your line of questioning and the information you pursue.

Labs* also starts with tools for you to assess yourself and your confidence in what you already know. It’s up to you to be honest with yourself and I will surely be honest with you when we start collaborating through the Weekly Q&A.

How can I add my co-founder?

Have cofounders? There is a 1-time fee of $300 for each additional founder who would like to attend Labs* Q&A and join the Facebook Group. Contact after your purchase to let us know you would like to add on a founder.

I still have outstanding questions!

I’m here to make sure Labs* is a good fit for you and your startup.

Please find time to talk to me one-on-one here.

We need technology that truly supports people.

Join me in designing ourselves into the future.

Join Labs* Now

“It was an amazing experience both with Lindsay but also with the other founders - especially at office hours. Listening to Lindsay answer their questions has really sparked great progress for me.”

Carmela A.Co-Founder, Xiggit & Former Sr. Director of Digital Solutions at Visa