Fall 2020 Group Programs

How much will it take for me to launch this software product?

Product-Market Fit for Pre-Seed Startups

Why isn’t my startup product working?

Engage Customers in Pilot Testing

Why am I losing so many potential new users?

New Customer Acquisition and User Onboarding

In 15 years, I'm proud to have worked with over 100 startups and investors as well as teams across Fortune 500 firms.

How much does it take to launch a software product?

Design & sell the right product before spending too much money building the wrong one.


Who: You may have done early customer development and developed an initial prototype or product to get feedback but you’re stuck figuring out what to do next. You want to get your business concept refined, get ready for launch, and evaluate product-market fit so you can determine where/what market to start in.

Why isn’t my startup product working?

Engage Customers in Multiple Rounds of Alpha/Beta Pilot Testing. Connect with your customers, communicate your brand, and improve your product

Who: You’ve built an early prototype and product development, and have a few fans to call on for user testing. Maybe you even have an early beta user list. Awesome. Yet, you are unsure how to execute on testing, ask the right questions, measure the correct behaviors, and process all of the insights you’ve gotten. Plus, it’s hard to get people’s time to participate!

Why am I losing so many potential new users?

Smooth out the steps used to bring on and familiarize a new customer with your products and services, particularly those coming from paid marketing and organic traffic.

Who: You have a product in the marketplace. Your conversion rate should be exciting to track, but instead it’s frustrating. Users are jumping ship too quickly, which isn’t helping you meet marketing, sales, and customer needs. You may be so close to your product, you may find it difficult to know where best to spend your time and money.

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The easiest way to figure out if this is for you is to schedule a call with Lindsay and talk it over together. On the phone, I will ask you some questions, I’ll let you know if I can help you, and you can ask more questions about what we can accomplish together.

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