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[LeadersIn] Female Founders: Will Their Ascent Change the Corporate World As We Know It?

By June 29, 2019December 9th, 2022No Comments

A handful of studies now suggest that we may see a mass exodus of women from the corporate world who have decided to chart their own C-Suite paths by founding their own companies. These women are deciding to – as Dr. Monique Johnson recently articulated so aptly – “move out in order to move up”. For example, data from the consulting firm REAL shows that: “among millennial female entrepreneurs, nearly 90 percent left their job in the corporate world to start their own business… 45 percent said that they were underpaid, 43 percent believed that they were overlooked for a promotion”. In 2016, Deloitte researchers asked 7,700 millennials if they expected to still be at their companies in 2020, only 16% of them said yes. Millennials are set to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, so this is significant. Add to that research about women who now “have equal, if not slightly greater, ambition than men” to move into top roles ranging from VP to the C-suite” but statistically are not finding these opportunities in their corporate careers. Geri Stengel compiled several eye-opening stats about the growth of female founders back in 2016 – and this one may be the most compelling: “Companies run by women are entering the middle market ($10 million and $1 billion) at rates eight times businesses in general.”



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