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Are you a founder with a digital app, website or physical product at the heart of your startup business? Challenged by a lack of technical know-how or how to connect with customers? Or maybe you invested money and time in your app or product but aren’t producing revenue yet? Let’s talk!

Results Driven Expertise

  • Acquired 200+ paying subscribers organically in the first 3 months after launch from following my product-market fit framework
  • Won $65K in non-equity funding from Uber x GirlBoss Pitch Competition after two pitch working sessions
  • Received $25K in funding from a local accelerator before having a product in the market
  • Accepted into ERA, LAUNCH’s Founder University, B2B Accelerator, Nasdaq Milestone Makers, Leap Ventures Startup Bootcamp, Ready Set Raise, and more
  • Mentions in NYTimes, CB Insights, ABC/Good Morning America, to name a few

I am super excited to talk to you! I offer free strategy calls for any founders with a digital app or website product at the heart of your startup business.

If you:

  • Are confident in your business but stalled whether that’s due to a lack of code or a technical co-founder
  • Invested a chunk of change and a bunch of your time and you need to start making money…

I can definitely help!

Some of the areas we can cover on our call:

  • Connecting with customers & how to build those relationships
  • Identifying your biggest market opportunity
  • Generating revenue while testing your prototype
  • Preparing to raise money
  • Navigating conversations with software developers
  • Knowing which feedback to listen to and which to ignore

I simplify the complex journey between where ever you are now & product-market fit WITHOUT waiting on investment.

Can’t wait to get on the phone and hear all about your journey so far!

Lindsay Tabas is the Lady Engineer