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Let’s Work Together to Scale Your Team’s Talent

With the growth goals you and your company have set, you don’t have the time and energy to coach your people on the technical skills to be effective in their roles. You have one, or a few, good product managers and UX designers, but they’re junior or too new to the company for you to trust flying solo…just, yet.

Results Driven Expertise

  • Acquired 200+ paying subscribers organically in the first 3 months after launch by following my product-market fit framework
  • Launched two landing pages and updated onboarding flow in 6 weeks, driving a 2.8x higher conversion rate than the existing experience
  • Designed an insurance claim processing system that took a client from 65% to 94% clearing rate

“Lindsay was just amazing to work with. I have worked with amazing product people from all over, and even some of the best in the Bay area, and Lindsay is someone I would turn to first. ”

– Cache Merrill, Serial Tech Founder, Techstars ’14

I am super excited to talk to you! I offer free strategy calls for any founders with a digital app or website product at the heart of your startup business.

If you:

  • Are confident in your business but stalled whether that’s due to a lack of code or a technical co-founder
  • Invested a chunk of change and a bunch of your time and you need to start making money…

I can definitely help!

Some of the areas we can cover on our call:

  • Connecting with customers & how to build those relationships
  • Identifying your biggest market opportunity
  • Generating revenue while testing your prototype
  • Preparing to raise money
  • Navigating conversations with software developers
  • Knowing which feedback to listen to and which to ignore

I simplify the complex journey between where ever you are now & product-market fit WITHOUT waiting on investment.

Can’t wait to get on the phone and hear all about your journey so far!

Lindsay Tabas is the Lady Engineer