Book Your Private Working Session

A 1-on-1 video call with me is all it takes to piece together your next steps

Do you want to...

  • Ace your accelerator or fundraising application?
  • Put a work plan together for the next 3 months?
  • Access really valuable tools to be able to translate your customer research into actionable findings?
  • Evaluate whether it’s time to cut loose your software dev shop?

Maybe you don’t know where to focus, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Your startup is moving, but you’re confused about which direction it should go.

There’s no reason to spend any more time figuring it out on your own.

Now is the time for you to get it right. And, I can help you.

Private Working Session

$ 410

per session
  • Upfront individual assessment
  • 1-hour Co-working/Collaboration Video Call
  • Recording & Call Summary
  • Access to Tools, Resources & Guides

Things we can do in 1-hour:

  • Discuss the ins-and-outs of fundraising, terminology, and fundamentals to your strategy
  • Go over your pitch deck and executive summary to identify opportunities to strengthen your defensibility
  • Review a term sheet, decide on your response & which questions to ask
  • Come up with a short term, 3-4 week plan to figure out your next steps and find strategic focus