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What it means to score 9 – 16pts

You are definitely at a stage where you can consider engaging with experienced angel investors and angel investment groups. If it’s your first time around the block, fundraising may become overwhelming if you get too much interest. Watch out! Depending on where you are raising, investors may need you to prove more revenue or traction, or have a fuller customer pipeline. Not many regions outside of the Bay Area provide as much “fail money.” This is a great time to set up a call with me so we can work on your weak points and make your case for investment much stronger.

Let me help you get to product-market fit while still waiting on investment

Let’s remove any roadblocks in the way of your success. Fundraising shouldn’t be so complicated, confusing, and a time-hog. I’d love to help you simplify this work. Drop me an email or schedule a (free!) strategy call.

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