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< 8 pts

I think it’s great that you are considering fundraising.  You’re going to have your work cut out for you if you try to raise from experienced angel investors or venture capitalists. My advice is to focus on finding investment money from friends and family. If you come across a pre-seed accelerator or fund, certainly apply. A quick talk with me about your results may be all you need to make sure you’re working on the areas that can make you investment-ready ASAP.

9-16 pts

You are definitely at a stage where you can consider engaging with experienced angel investors and angel investment groups. If it’s your first time around the block, fundraising may become overwhelming if you get too much interest. Watch out! Depending on where you are raising, investors may need you to prove more revenue or traction, or have a fuller customer pipeline. Not many regions outside of the Bay Area provide as much “fail money.” This is a great time to set up a call with me so we can work on your weak points and make your case for investment much stronger.

17+ pts

Congratulations! You are sitting in a pretty ideal situation. I’m surprised investors are not knocking down your doors. Or, maybe you’ve been committed to bootstrapping this far and now it’s time for you to look for outside partners. You will probably pick up a few individual investors here and there, as well as an angel group, but don’t be surprised if some venture capitalists pay attention, too. Whatever happens, I know I can help you make the fundraising process easy and fun…while also giving you time to keep working on your business.

Want to talk more about your results?

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to take my quiz, Are you investable?

So what did you think? Did the results seem inline with what you were thinking or are you surprised? Are you questioning the some of the foundation that your business is sitting on?

If you are, that’s totally normal and okay. My goal was to help open your eyes so I can get you back on track ASAP.

But, you can also see that there’s so much more that I can consult and collaborate with you on. You might feel like you can take your results and fix your foundation youself. I guarantee you, I can get you there faster.

The fastest way for us to dive right in is to book a call with me using this form below.

What can we cover in 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes?

A lot!

  • Discuss the ins-and-outs of fundraising, terminology, and fundamentals to your strategy
  • Go over your pitch deck and executive summary to identify opportunities to strengthen your defensibility
  • Review a term sheet, decide on your response & which questions to ask
  • Come up with a short term, 3-4 week plan to figure out your next steps and find strategic focus
  • Design a user acquisition strategy and decide which kinds of partners can help get you to your customer fastest
  • Double-check your prototype before doing your first release, and define the metrics you’re tracking

More About this Quiz

I put this quiz together to help early-stage startups gauge their chances at successfully fundraising. Time and time again, I see entrepreneurs put aside everything to go after investment only to wake up 6 months later and realize 1) they’re not getting funded right now, and 2) they could have spent those 6 months building their business. (See my interview with Alison Mountford in this video)

I get it. Investment is attractive. It’s a challenge, and you’re competitive.

You know what else is a challenge? Getting your customers to learn about you, trust you, perceive the value in your product, and use it.

Now that you have an idea of your chances, what if I could tell you exactly where you need to focus in order to increase your odds of being one of the fifty-thousand startups that gets funding?

I know that would simplify your decision-making right now so go ahead and book a call.

“I think you might be speaking directly to me with your LinkedIn and other social media posts lately. I'm not sure my fundraising strategy is reaching the right people in the right way. When can we chat? I'm getting opinions from everybody and keep changing my deck.”

Danielle DePalmaChief Operating Officer at Sebring Revolution

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