How likely are you to raise a pre-seed or seed round right now?

Take this quiz to gauge how desirable you are to angel investors.

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Lindsay Tabas is the Lady Engineer

Let me save you some time on the “Should I? Or, shouldn’t I fundraise?” conversation going on in your head.

“Hope” is a 4-letter word to investors. I don’t want you to hopefully get some investors.

You should know:

  • Can you secure a pre-seed or seed round now?
  • Is it a good use of your time to be courting investors?
  • Or, should you focus on building more validation and traction?

“I took your survey and really liked it. I’m now thinking of how I can use this.”

Debbie SchwartzFounder of

“I love the way this quiz works, haven’t taken one like this! And I like the point system delivery at the end.
My results feel very accurate.”

Alison MountfordFounder of

Growing a startup requires more than just building a product & getting investment

From product roadmaps to designing user acquisition that works, there are decisions that can make or break your success at every turn.

My Niche

I help founders design & sell the right product before spending too much (more) money building the wrong one.

The most difficult challenge, even for product management professionals, is going from what customers say to what developers and manufacturers build. That’s my sweet spot.

For those of you who want to fundraise…

While entrepreneurs are my focus, I spend 20% of my time performing due diligence for angel investors. I know what it takes to get them to open their wallets. In our work together, I’ll spot potential problems and blind spots, helping you avoid expensive mistakes. I’ll also make sure we’re working to develop the proof that shows your business is an excellent prospective investment.

Just this year, my clients have done amazing things:

And, they all have had plenty to say:

Part of what makes my clients and I successful is that I also perform due diligence on behalf of angel investors. Since 2016, I have reviewed over 40 companies that have applied for funding.

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