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Make Sense

Are lab grown diamonds the future? Featuring Kristy Cullinane – Make Sense

By June 1, 2023No Comments

In this episode of Make Sense, I sit down with Kristy Cullinane, co-founder of Plum Diamonds, a D2C, made-to-order, lab-grown diamond ring company. We talk about the fashion industry, differentiating between lab grown and natural diamonds, and how we’re seeing tech show up in the diamond industry.

Show Notes

00:00 – Meet Kristy and Lindsay

2:17 – Plant-based clothes… is this happening!?

3:21 – What are we going to see with secondhand clothing?

4:41 – Is live shopping growing?

7:06 – Why are we so concerned about TikTok safety?

12:47 – Kristy tells us about Plum Diamonds and lab grown diamonds

18:06 – What impact do mined diamonds have on our world?

34:00 – When a partnership goes wrong for a nontechnical founder


Make Sense is a weekly series dedicated to talking about startup stories from the past, hysterical or mind-numbing blunders, how to do better. We also discuss how tech impacts us and how we can raise the bar when it comes to the ethics, morals, and standards in the tech industry.

Chicagoan and jewelry industry veteran Kristy Cullinane co-founded Plum Diamonds to disrupt the traditional engagement ring space and offer a premium alternative to mined diamonds that are entangled in global conflict and wreak havoc to on the environment. The goal of Plum Diamond was to create something sustainable and aligned with modern values and priorities to ensure couples feel good about their ring choice (now and forever).


Learn more about Plum Diamonds by visiting,


Find Kristy on LinkedIn in at….

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