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Make Sense

Are customers ready for AI in fintech? w/ Chelsea Lamego and Alejandro Stevenson-Duran

By October 25, 2023No Comments

In this episode of Make Sense, I sit down with Chelsea Lamego and Alejandro Stevenson-Duran, co-founders of FundMiner, a platform that empowers nonprofit organizations to raise more money, effectively administer funds, and reduce risks. We talk about the problem with software engineers today, artificial intelligence in fintech, and what it was like starting FundMiner in the early, early days.

Show Notes

00:00 – Philanthropic giving to US higher education institutions exceeded 52 billion dollars in 2021

00:15 – Meet Chelsea, Alejandro, and Lindsay

02:44 – Nations giving animals, trees, and rivers the rights of people… do we want this?

04:01 – Lab-based meats will hit more plates

06:36 – School to work will be turned on its head

15:07 – Philanthropists will demand less and trust more

20:38 – Can AI do this yet?

24:06 – FundMiner uses artificial intelligence to help clean up nonprofit workflows and fund management

40:50 – Chelsea’s big takeaway in early entrepreneur days

45:19 – Alejandro shares what it was like to build something from scratch


Make Sense is a weekly series dedicated to talking about startup stories from the past, hysterical or mind-numbing blunders, how to do better. We also discuss how tech impacts us and how we can raise the bar when it comes to the ethics, morals, and standards in the tech industry.

About Chelsea Lamego and Alejandro Stevenson-Duran

Chelsea Lamego | CEO and Co-Founder Chelsea founded FundMiner after working within Advancement Operations for five years at the University of Texas at El Paso. She oversaw gift administration and compliance functions, database and reporting team, gift processing team, research, prospect management, budget, and hr functions.

Alejandro Stevenson-Duran | Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer Alejandro is a technical leader and expert product manager. He specializes in ML-powered product development and shares his passion for intelligent experiences with millions of users worldwide. Alejandro curated his user-centric work style and product development best practices while building and shipping B2B products (from 0-1 and 1-N) at Microsoft and Meta.

Visit FundMiner online at

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