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Make Sense

3 Learning Lessons from 50 Female Founders w/ Sneha Saigal, CEO of Geeks and Experts

By November 8, 2023No Comments

In this episode of Make Sense, I sit down with Sneha Saigal, the co-founder and CEO of Geeks and Experts, a platform for startups and scale-ups to hire fractional PR talent on a contract basis. In this episode, we talk about fractional talent, female founder learning lessons, and the future of work.

Show Notes

00:00 – Techworker layoffs and the future of work
00:18 – Meet Sneha and Lindsay
02:48 – Age of the tech CEO is coming to an end… yay or nay?
05:04 – What’s the deal with hybrid work?
05:47 – Are we going to see shorter work weeks?
07:45 – Kind, caring, and high performance cultures will attract the best of the best
10:28 – What does fractional talent mean? When use fractional talent?
30:51 – What Sneha learned from interviewing 50 female founders
46:20 – Episode recap


Make Sense is a weekly series dedicated to talking about startup stories from the past, hysterical or mind-numbing blunders, how to do better. We also discuss how tech impacts us and how we can raise the bar when it comes to the ethics, morals, and standards in the tech industry.

About Sneha Saigal

With an MBA focused on entrepreneurship, from IESE Business School, Barcelona, Sneha learned to leverage her expertise across industries from consulting to non-profits until she founded and launched Geeks&Experts.

From grassroots developmental organizations such as The Akanksha Foundation to food-tech unicorns (now IPO) such as Zomato, she has focussed on marketing and business development across the spectrum. But, creating value has been at the center of it all, always!

Her curious spirit and strive to create impact through learning and collaborations have led me to galvanize reform through initiatives such as “Liberal Arts in Prison” programs and social impact enterprises in a variety of landscapes such as Iowa.

A certified WSET sommelier, I have a penchant for scarves, dark chocolate, and great workouts!

You can connect with her on: Medium:   / saigalsn   LinkedIn:   / snehasaigal   Instagram:   / saigalsn  

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