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[LinkedIn] The 3 Essentials: Validation, Feedback and Testing the Market

By October 10, 2019March 31st, 2022No Comments

A single person’s opinion can throw you off both personally and professionally.

If one person says it, it’s an anecdote. If two people say it, it’s a coincidence. If three people say it, it’s a theme to address.

When you’re developing digital products, a business idea or sussing out a new brand for your startup, it’s important to talk to a variety of people. You cannot listen to one loud user. That’s why the customer research and validation phase is so important. There are some very important factors that you can figure out during this phase.

Figure out your…

Earlvangelist – This is the person with the problem you solve. They’re aware of the problem. They’re also actively looking for a solution and not satisfied with existing solutions. They’re ready and willing to pay you to solve their problem.

Most Valuable Problem – This is the problem that’s so painful, your Earlyvangelist is willing to give up time, money, and/or data to you to help you build this solution.

If you’re spending enough time on the customer research and validation stage, these two key factors will become crystal clear. And the rest will almost fall into place.

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