Ensuring tech startups sell the right product before building the wrong one!

Start Before the Product’s “Ready”

The Unavoidable Market Part of Product-Market Fit

Nontechnical Founders Guide to Product-Market Fit

May 12, 2019

DIY Manage Your Product Roadmap: Guidance for Nontechnical Founders

May 12, 2019

Grow & Scale Your Startup Business: The Final Benchmarks of Product-Market Fit

May 12, 2019

Product Roadmap: From Minimal Viable Product to Product-Market Fit

April 30, 2019

The Most Valuable Problem Establishes a Solid Startup Business Foundation

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In 15 years, I'm proud to have worked with over 100 startups and investors as well as teams across Fortune 500 firms.

About Lindsay T.

Our Reputable Rebel

A Designer of the Future

In 2002, I designed my first user interface while studying Systems Engineering. Since then, I have been OBSESSED with designing technology for people. After college, I set out on a mission to be successful in Silicon Valley & the startup world. Even with epic persistence and a graduate degree from UC Berkeley, I felt I was unable to succeed. Everyone around me was building tech for tech’s sake. I hoped people’s care for other people in designing the future would increase; instead, we’re still following advice from an industry that accepts a 90% failure rate.

In the past 15 years, I “leaned in.” I confronted difficult & challenging situations until I secured my seat at the table. I was lucky to rely heavily on my engineering degree, but I know there are brilliant innovators out there that do not have the same luxury. To you, I offer a well-engineered practical guide to the impact only you can achieve.

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Are you rocking the startup world or is it rocking you (a little too hard)?

(Even if you don’t have a technical co-founder)

Fund Your Next Round & Get Customers

How do you sell the right product without spending too much building the wrong one?

In my short video, I help you leverage customer research to drive revenue, build a product your customers want, and find the right investors for you.

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What the

Lindsay Tabas is the Lady Engineer


You’re a confident and determined entrepreneur, leader and doer.
You’re ready to have a huge impact on a lot of people, grow a badass startup and turn around to invest in other awesome starters coming up behind you.

But your first year wading into the murky Silicon Valley waters have been anything but smooth. You’ve dabbled in code, posted on social media and have attended a bunch of meetups only to feel frustrated, confused and misled. If you’re hesitant to trust one more consultant or potential co-founder, finding it difficult to collaborate with technical people and afraid you’ll have to go back to the “real world” and get a full-time job again, you’re in the right place.

Believe me, it’s not you, it’s them. You know there’s a better and smarter way. “Learning to Code” is not where to start when building a tech startup and “Posting on Social Media” for 30 days will get anyone a measly amount of new followers. None of this means you’re not the well-educated, super accomplished and valuable human you were before you took this huge risk into the tech world. None of it means you’ve wasted time or are somehow less-than amazing. Get that all out of your head.

It’s possible to scale your startup, attract the right investors and find customers that love you without the Silicon Valley snake-oil, bro culture. You have untapped talents and secret advantages that only a Lady Engineer (who’s been in the business for 10+ years) can help you discover. Simplifying the complex journey to building startups is my passion, and designing the future is my responsibility. I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. I’m compelled to share all that I know.

I empower savvy non-technical entrepreneurs to grow thriving startups by clearing the path between what your customers want and what the engineers build.

Everyone says it has never been easier to build a startup as we have access to better tools and more customers through the internet. The skills you need to navigate your product development week-over-week are far easier and more useful to pick up than one of the many coding languages out there. All you need is to love your customers, be humble to their opinions and have the willingness to begin expressing your ideas in new ways. If you have it, it will be my honor to show you the way.

Find the Best Way to Work with Me

Labs: Product Market Fit Incubator

6 Weeks to create your clear path between now and investor funded startup growth. Create a product design that has been validated by many potential customers, a go-to-market strategy backed by facts and figures and a bullet proof plan for fundraising. No more guessing what your customers want, and no more frustrating conversations with tech guys. We’ll decrease the risk & volatility that comes with the startup world and increase your capacity to connect and give to your customers.

Start Designing the Future

Clear & Simple Strategies

Spend a day with Lindsay and together we’ll focus on you (and your team’s) unique strengths and important mission to come up with the most direct bridge to your most pressing needs. You’ll get a complete business process and organization review and leave with a tailored map to achieve your goals. By the time we finish, you’ll have a far clearer outlook on your business, a strategy to gain time in your schedule for the most important activities and a unique guide from your customers to your outcomes.

Work with Lindsay

Success Stories

What people are saying about working with Lindsay T.

“The biggest concrete thing that I have learned and seen happen in the real world is learning to talk about wireframes and how I want my site to actually function. I actually had to talk to my developer about a recipe/grocery list for what happens when you press this button, how you want this to look, or which things were grouped together. The conversation with my developer was so easy and seamless, it only took two rounds of edits, (for something [neither of us] had never done before!) Lindsay’s program walked us through exactly how to do this.”

Alison Mountford
Founder, Ends and Stems

“Within [the first two weeks] my entire business pivoted, and I have come to a new solution. It took me three years to get there with my business and I wish I had taken this course beforehand.”

Christina Weber
Founder and CEO, UndergroundUnattached

Andrew Forman GIVZ

“The biggest learning for me [came] later in the program, in terms of learning the most about your weaknesses. Lindsay has encouraged me to focus on taking an hour to plan, and having a plan of attack, and actually executing that plan.”

Andrew Forman
Founder, GIVZ

“Lindsay really helped me take a deep dive with how to keep going forward with my team, how to target my early evangelists and make sure that the customer base that was receiving the message was receiving the right one and in the right way.

Hopefully, I would have gotten around to doing all this eventually, but this accelerator has accelerated that entire process.

The 1:1 calls with Lindsay have been especially valuable, just having someone be a thought partner throughout this process and pushing me to expand the revenue streams and the way I was thinking about my business has been really helpful.”

Catherine Hofmann
Founder, QSPACEShealth