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Hi, I’m Lindsay.

We need to improve the way we innovate & solve problems so that the human experience is well-positioned in the future.

I’m calling an emergency human factors meeting. Do attend.

Let's go!

Over 20 years in technology, clients and partners include over 100 startups and investors, and Fortune 500 teams

The Make Sense Podcast w/ Lindsay T., Lady Engineer®

Make Sense is a video-first podcast that simplifies complex issues at the intersection of tech & people. Whether you’re ready for the robot takeover or want to delete all your socials, I’m here to help you make sense of what’s going on so we can design the human experience into the future.

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The strategic benefits of senior UX & Product leadership

Real talk: to scale your product development capacity and meet your startup’s growth goals, you need strategic leadership to bridge the gap between customer needs and engineering. Hiring someone new takes more money and time than you have.

You need your existing talent bench to step it up, stat!

Let’s discuss how I can help.

What my clients are saying...

Sheena Franklin secured her spot in AccelerateBaltimore winning $25K in funding 2 months into working with me. She shared:

“...working on the last homework you gave me. The work we did was/is a Godsend. I have just been sending the Product Road Map chart, sketch nots, user interviews/survey information etc. and people are loving it.”

Sheena FranklinFounder & CEO, K'ept Health

Bilyana Freye won $65K as part of the Uber x GirlBoss Pitch Competition after working with me for < 1 month. She wrote:

“Working with Lindsay is 100% the right investment in yourself. She's been involved and very helpful in critical business decisions. I find her a very powerful business coach”

Bilyana FreyeCo-Founder & CEO at Orbiit

Debbie Schwartz launched a B2C SaaS platform that attracted 300+ paying subscribers in < 3 months without paid advertising because I helped her stay close to her customer needs. She said:

“Working with Lindsay has provided me with the guidance and advice I was missing to really move my start-up forward. She helped show me how to use my audience to turn ideas into products.”

Debbie SchwartzFounder,

“We have seen surprising levels of growth within the three months since launch. I don’t think we would have sold over 1100 units within three months had it not been for the work with Lindsay.””


“The 1:1 calls with Lindsay have been especially valuable, just having someone be a thought partner throughout this process and pushing me to expand the revenue streams and the way I was thinking about my business has been really helpful.”

Catherine HofmannFounder, QSPACEShealth

“I have worked with amazing product people from all over, and even some of the best in the Bay area, and Lindsay is someone I would turn to first. She is great about thinking through the users perspective, gathering feedback from users and coming up with product solutions.”

Cache MerrillFounder, OnCourse CRM

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