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Glushko, B. & L. Tabas,. “Bridging the “Front Stage” and “Back Stage” in Service System Design.”, School of Information Paper 2007-014.

Tabas, L.. “Designing for Service Systems.”, School of Information Paper 2007-008. Presented at the Information Services Design Conference (Mar. 2007) and at the Frontiers in Services Conference (Oct. 2007).

Hartnett, J., Lin, P., Ortiz, L., Tabas, L.. “A Responsive and Persuasive Audio Device To Stimulate Exercise and Fitness in Children.”, ACM CHI 2006. Student Design Competition.

Guttridge, K., Koehler, L., Tabas, L., Villadelgado, M., Vogt, L.. “Regional Transportation Operations Collaboration and Coordination Demonstration Initiative.”, 2005 IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium. Award for Best Paper in Logistics and Information Systems