How to Lean Into Burnout

Do you want to have a heart attack at 40 or do you want to be alive? I don’t know about you, but I had 3 grandparents live into their 90s. I have a long time to go, and experiencing burnout every 2 years is pretty exhausting. I’ve experienced major burnout (combined with depressive episodes) 3 times over the past 4 years. Amid this most recent bout, triggered by the death of my grandfather and […]

Sister Sparrow and this New Situation

Saturday night, at MayFest in Cold Spring, I was watching Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds perform on stage. There was Arleigh Kincheloe, this tiny peanut of a woman, owning the stage, and singing her heart out.  She had 6 men playing back up to her voice. She had such a powerful presence, and I was in awe. Women are making moves, and I’ve never been a bigger fan. Listening to Arleigh my mind wondered off, and […]

Shorty Awards on April 20th, 2015

I volunteered at the 2015 Shorty Awards as a “seat warmer.” I had a seat right in front of the podium. By far, the crowd favorite was Bill Nye. My personal favorite was Astronaut Abby. I was also a huge fan of Hannibal Buress’s speech because he pointed out something so important: Why didn’t the Shorty Awards include samples of each social media’s stars work? Photographer – show their photos. YouTube star – show a video […]

Launching One Squat Shop & the Inspiration to do it

As an overweight child, I wanted to be anyone else except for myself with my body. When I asked my parents to send me to a weight loss camp at age 14, I just started my weight loss and fitness journey. Years slogged on before I figured out what worked for me. I wrote a research paper on diet pills in high school, wrote another on online versus in-person weight loss programs in graduate school, […]

Women in Science Fair

This week I presented at Cheltenham Elementary School’s Women in Science Fair as the first ever “computer” participant in the fair’s history.  I decided to teach the children the basic design principles – C.R.A.P. – though I had to rearrange the letters – P.A.R.C – to take into consideration my K-5th grade audience.  So we learned about Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast by assembling a poster about Toy City. To prepare for the fair, I […]